Continuing with the theme of introducing you to the kitties of the past for the Caturday Art Blog Hop, this is Louise as a very young cat. We recused her, her sister, Thelma, and other kittens from the engine compartment of my car. They were the second litter that had been deposited there by a neighborhood stray we simply called, “Mom.” Daphne from a previous, engine-deposited litter of Mom’s already was a member of our household when solid-black Thelma and solid-grey Louise became cats four and five in our home.

Louise was a very shy cat. During her 17 1/2-year lifetime very few people ever saw her, and she would dip her head whenever the camera came out making it difficult to get decent photos of her. Later in life, she mellowed (and I think was partially deaf), so didn’t run and hide the moment a human other than her dad or I entered the room or approached her. Louise was fortunate to enjoy such a long life as she underwent several surgeries in her lifetime to remove recurring fibrosarcoma tumors. She passed naturally at home in my arms in 2009.

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The art here was created using PicMonkey by applying dark edges in green and two textures (burst and water) to the original photo and then a frame. I selected the green color in honor of the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day.