Frowny Friday featuringCalista Jo

Frowny Friday featuring Calista Jo

Do y’all recognize what I am lounging upon? Sure you do. It’s a dreaded suitcase. And it belongs to my dad. He abandoned us yesterday at 0’dark hundred. He’s gone to Tulsa for ten days for a volleyball championship. All I can say is, “Thoughtless and inconsiderate.” Sure, they’ll be more room in the humans’ bed for us, and Mom will be home more ’cause she can’t ride the tandem alone. Other than that, we cannot think of one good thing about it. There’ll be one less lap available and one less person to let us in and out. Worst of all, Dad forgot to fill our bird/squirrel feeders. If Mom doesn’t figure out how to do it, my face is going to grow even poutier.

Stay tuned to see how this unfolds as the days drag by in a never ending procession of sad and dejected Kitties Blue.

The Patriotic Pets Photo Contest

This contest, sponsored by  continues at  SnapYeti. Mauricio is in the lead by several votes over the 19 woofies in the competition. It does seem, however, that you can vote once per day. He’s hoping that you will take a moment to do so every day by giving him a “thumbs up” on his Independence Day photo. He particulary appreciates all of the “hollers” he has received with your kind and encouraging words.

Cat Scouts Sock Hop

Tonight the Cat Scouts’ Troop, WorldWide Wildcats, is having a Sock Hop at Cat Scouts. Three of Kitties Blue will be attending: Mau and his lovely girlfriend, Allie (Friends Furever); Astrid and her beau, Sampson (Kitty Cat Chronicles) and Lisbeth with her furiend and admirer, Charles. They have all entered the Dance Contest and are hoping to win, of course. Mom says that she will share photos on Sunday.

Update: Pet Parade

Grab button for Pet Parade Blog Hop

I am so excited. I just discovered that I, Calista Jo, am featured at Rascal and Rocco’s Pet Parade today. If you aren’t familiar with the Pet Parade, please click on the badge at the left to visit and enter their blog hop. Thank you Rascal and Rocco…you rock. MOL!



Purrs and paw-pats, Calista Jo