Friendly Fill-Ins: Week 15

As promised, this is our follow-up post from Astrid’s and Lisbeth’s birthdays. Before we share some cards and photos of their birthday gift, the two girls have completed the Friendly Fill-Ins hosted my Ellen at 15 And Meowing and Annie at McGuffy’s Reader. Their completions are in teal italics.


1. When I run out of hisses, I use growls instead. I am not very sociable and can warn off my housemates from approaching me with these two defensive methods.

2. My guru is my mom.


3. I am afraid of Misty May. She is a bully and taunts and chases me. Her tail puffs up as big as her body, and I squeal like a little piggy.

4. I feel empowered enough to go to the second floor and visit Mom and Dad in bed. I had not been going to the second floor for a very long time. My marriage to Sampy (Kitty Cat Chronicles) has given me more confidence (except when it comes to Misty May). 

To enter the blog hop, visit Annie’s blog. The link is above.

The girls received this very sweet and beautiful card from Pipo and Minko, who are always so thoughtful.


Bite Me!


They each received their own e-card from Lisbeth’s boyfriend, Cat Scout Charles, as well.

The Birthday Gift

Dad Tom saw the gift on-line. We both agreed it was too cute to pass up. Unfortunately for Lisbeth, she was not there for the unveiling and so not in the photos. She refused to come in from the catio and even missed her dinner.


Kitties Blue investigate the new shark bed and challenge: bite me!


So, there it is…a shark bed! Yep…another bed! That’s Calista Jo’s pink kitty cubby bed in the background (her birthday gift) in which she has never shown any interest. As you can see Calista Jo was very interested in Mr. Shark. She even tried chewing on his teeth. Birthday girl Astrid, along with Mauricio and Fiona, happily investigated. Only time will tell if any of the Kitties Blue decide they like Mr. Shark well enough to crawl inside for a nap. Mauricio and Fiona are the main occupants of Calista Jo’s birthday bed.

So that’s it for the most recent birthdays. The next ones to celebrate will be Misty May and Mauricio on September 17.

We’ll be back tomorrow for the Caturday Art Blog Hop. The plan right now is to feature Fiona. It seems only right as the current tropical storm has been named after her.