Topsy Turvy on Tuesday

When not cat-napping or cuddling with me, Calista Jo enjoys curling up in the cubby on the catio cat tree. She also enjoys causing Mau consternation. They wrestle with each other before almost every meal.

Today she combined her cubby time with pestering Mauricio. As you can see, he mostly just ignored her. The few moments of smacky paws took place so quickly, there are no photos.


Topsy Turvy Tortie Tuesday


Shortly after this photo session, Lisbeth approached the tree and began to work out on one of the scratching posts. She didn’t know C.J. was in the cubby. C.J. stuck her head out and just about scared the fur off Lisbeth. The two hissed at each other, and Lisbeth turned and took off as if her tail was on fire. So Calista Jo may not have riled up the calm, cool and collected Cat Scout Mau, but she did give Lisbeth a fur-raising moment.

Always fun times at the house of Blue Cats.

Thank You Friends

I sincerely appreciate all the kind words and well wishes after my face-plant accident on Saturday. In the future, I plan to stay in bed on April 23. Five years ago to the day I fell and broke my leg. At least this Saturday’s injuries should not take the 22-weeks to heal my leg did. The kitties think I should post a photo of my face, but I don’t want to frighten anyone.