Sunday Selfies: Week #326

Do you mind seeing my gingery goodness two days in row? I hope not, as I was the only one of Kitties Blue who showed up when Mom asked for a volunteer. I do apologize that my selfie is a little out of focus.


treat face


On Friday, our mom shared a photo of Sawyer’s treat face. Well, this is mine. Would you give this cat treats? If your answer is, “yes,” please send me as many as you can spare, without depriving the kitties at your house. I feel I never really get my share!

Hopping Time

Okay, I know you can snap a much better selfie than I did, so please do so now and join our blog hop. Every animal is welcome, and you don’t even have to post on Sundays to participate. The hop is open through Thursday.

I’m going to cut my narrative short, as Kitties Blue and I have something more important to share today than me.

Remembering Friends

Two more friends received their angel wings this past week and flew off to the Rainbow Bridge. This always makes our hearts ache, as we know how much their human companions hurt and miss them.



Pipo was the last meezer left at Meezer Mews and Terrieristical Woofs his brother Minko already being at the Bridge. Pipo got his angel wings on November 4. If you haven’t been by to leave your condolences for Mom Ingrid and the rest of Pipo’s family, click on their blog name.



Boodie was the senior kitty over at SparkleCat. She flew to the Bridge on November 3, leaving Summer as the lone cat to carry on the blog. Please click on the link if you have not left your condolences for Summer and human, Janiss.

It is always sad to lose friends, but like all those who have gone before, Pipo and Boodie will remain in our hearts always.

We will remember our friend and hopper, Angel Raven, from Indulged Furries next week.

Purrs & paw-pats, Cooper Murphy