Sunday Selfies: Week #311

We have two guest hosts today, and I absolutely guarantee you are going to squee when you see them.


Sunday Selfies


These two cuties were photographed by Dad Tom while they were trying to keep cool under the chaise longue on our upper deck. The little one on the left is half the size of the other. Normally we have raccoons that visit at night, but these were coming during the afternoon for a few days to get in Kitties Blue water bowl. We now have a big water bowl for them under the catio. It is okay for them to come at night but not when the gang is on their catio.

As you can imagine, all the Kitties Blue are happy to have the week off from the selfie gig. However, that doesn’t mean the rest of you get to take the day off. We are all anxious to see your selfies.

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