A Trip to the Zoo – Part 2

If you missed Part 1 of the tabbies trip to the zoo, click here.

“Good morning, Periwinkle. How are you?”

“Hi, Stinky. I’m great, how about you?”

“Purrfect! Thanks for asking. Would you like to remind our readers about what is happening on today’s adventure?”

“Sure. We are continuing our tour of Mill Mountain Zoo, located in your hometown of Roanoke, Virginia.”

“That’s right. Should we get started?”

“Okay, Stinky. Our next stop is the Eurasian Lynx enclosure.”

“I think he is trying to talk to us, Periwinkle.”



“Do you think he wants us to come in and play?”

“Maybe. But if the zoo people don’t get mad, I know my mom will. We better just stay here and visit.”

“Stinky, did you see the size of his paws?”

“Those really are some whoppers. It says here that in the winter the lynx’s paws are covered with long hair so that his paws act like snowshoes, and he doesn’t sink into the snow when he walks.”

“I guess I don’t have big paws, as it doesn’t snow in Florida,” says Periwinkle, a giggle escaping from her lips.

“Where should we go next Periwinkle?”

Periwinkle takes Stinky’s paw and says, “Let’s check out the wolves.”



“Stinky, do you think that guy looks hungry? He is pretty skinny.”

“Yeah, let’s not get too close. I don’t want to be his breakfast. It says on the sign that red wolves are endangered, and the zoo participates in the Red Wolf Species Survival Program. I think it’s nice how this zoo does things to help the animals and doesn’t just keep them here to entertain humans.”

“I agree, Stinky. Let’s leave this fellow alone and see who is in this next huge area.”

“Okay. Hey, it says it is a new habitat for bears.”

“Wow, do you think we can come back after the bears arrive?”

“Sure, Periwinkle. We already know we want to come back to ride the Zoo Choo when it is running again.”

“Yeah! So, what’s next, Stinky?”

“Wow I think it is that eagle!”



“He is huge and really majestic, but he’s probably another resident we should observe from afar. He looks intense, and I bet he also thinks we came for breakfast, and I mean his!”

“Periwinkle, there are a lot of other birds and some owls in this area. Check out this one. It’s called a White-Crested Laughing Thrush. I know we don’t get those at our bird feeders; though, we get laughed at a lot by the squirrels.”














“The sign says the males and females are strongly bonded. Just like us, Stinky.”

Blushing, Stinky says, “The sign also says they are inquisitive and nosy. That’s also like cats. I never expected to find out I have anything in common with birds.”

Suddenly, Periwinkle is rushing ahead and pulling Stinky behind her. “Come on, Stinky, one of the very best animals is next.”



Seeing the red panda, Periwinkle starts jumping up and down and clapping her paws.”Oh my gosh, look how cute it is, Stinky. It’s name is Nova. Do you think it speaks cat?”



“Probably not, but it sure has a cute face, and I could stay and watch it for a long time.”

Taking the hint, Periwinkle spots a place for the tabbies to sit down. They watch the little red panda and rest. Stinky’s mom notices the two resting and brings them water and Temptations for a snack. She sits with them for a while to make certain Stinky is okay. Seeing that he is fine, Stinky’s mom leaves them to finish their adventure.

Stinky and Periwinkle take each other’s paws and walk to the exhibit they have been anticipating all day — the zoo’s main attraction: the Snow Leopard.



He is sleeping but senses the tabbies are there and turns to look at them.



“Holly moley, he’s huge,“ says Stinky.

“And beautiful,” replies Periwinkle.

Watching from a distance, Mom Janet and Dad Tom are in as much awe as Periwinkle and Stinky. The leopard is truly magnificent. After watching for about half an hour, Dad Tom tells the tabbies it is time to head home before the zoo gets crowded and the temperature gets too high.

Periwinkle whispers to Stinky, “Don’t forget, we have one more thing we want to do before we leave.”

Stinky whispers back, “I haven’t forgotten. I’ll race you there.”

“Don’t you think your mom and dad might be upset if we race ahead?”

“Probably, but we will ask forgiveness when they catch up,” says Stinky, as he begins running.

Periwinkle follows and quickly catches up. Breathlessly she says to Stinky, “Did you know that you look like a bunny when you run?”

“Yep. It’s because I am a Manx cat and our back legs are longer than our front!”

“Just another thing that makes you special!”

Running down the hill that Stinky’s parents carried them up, the tabbies quickly arrive at their destination. By the time Mom Janet and Dad Tom arrive, the tabbies are sitting atop the sculptures at the entrance to Mill Mountain. They wave to Stinky’s dad and holler at him to take their photo.



As soon as he does so, they climb down and follow Stinky’s parents back to the car where Mom Janet helps them into the back seat and buckles their seat belts.

It is a short ride back to Stinky’s house, where the tabbies eat lunch and have a nice long nap.

When they wake, the duo spend lots of time hugging and giving each other whisker kisses. Then with tears in their eyes, they say their good-byes, and Periwinkle reluctantly enters her tunnel for the trip home.

The End

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