Party Time


Welcome to Sawyer’s third birthday celebration. Everyone in the Blue household is so excited that our little buddy is still with us and growing up like any healthy cat. As a Manx, he supposedly will not be full-grown until he is five years old. Our prayer is that he will still be with us when he reaches that milestone.

But for today, we are thankful to have him in our lives and to share this day with all of our friends and his.

In recognition of Stinky and Periwinkle’s latest adventure, a visit to the Mill Mountain Zoo, we are having a zoo-themed party. Please join us for some zoo-themed foods, lemonade with catnip and cake made by Mau in his Cat Scout Bake Shop.



Sawyer would like to thank his girlfriend, Noelle (Friends Furever), as well as Timmy, Einstein, Toby, Miss Fitz and Rumpy (Tomcat Commentary by Tim) for his birthday cards.











Stay as long as you like to nom and visit with your friends. The catio is open all day. When leaving, please help yourself to a zoo animal party favor.


Dad Tom, Sawyer and I thank you for joining us in celebrating as well for all the love and support you have shown Sawyer.

Though we’ve been anything but wordless today, Sawyer is joining the Wordless Wednesday blog hop at Comedy Plus.



Finally, I promised a giveaway for Sawyer’s birthday. I will send a surprise package to the first commenter to identify a change I made to this page a few days ago. To my knowledge, it has gone unnoticed thus far. That’s as much of a clue as I am going to give.