We all are so super thankful today. We have dates for the Queen of Hearts Dance! We will not reveal ourselves dressed in our ball gowns or our dates in their tuxes*, but we do want to introduce y’all to our dates.

Image 5Misty May will be accompanied by Mau’s very handsome friend and fellow Cat Scout, Wally, from The Island Cats.


Image 8

The stately Leopold from Critters in the Cottage will accompany Lily Olivia to the Dance. Though he is still recovering from recent surgery, he has promised they can have a few dances and not spend all their time chaperoning the youngsters.


Lisbeth was so tickled to hear from her Howl-o-ween Ball date, Texas, from Texas, A Cat on New York Austin and find out that he wanted to accompany her to the Dance.


Astrid will be on the arm of the green-eyed Tuxie, Sampson, from Kitty Cat Chronicles. Wait until you see them. They make the cutest couple!


Image 3-001

Our very young lady, Calista Jo, will be on the arm of Zorro from Swiss Cat Blog. Mom expects they will be having more of a play date than a dance date.


Image 9-001We bet most of you recognize this handsome man-cat and self-proclaimed King, Spitty from Spitty Speaks.  Our inseparable sisfurs, Giulietta and Fiona, are honored that he will be their date for the evening. They are still pinching themselves as he could have asked any of the many gorgeous girl/lady-cats who have dated him.

Image 2Of course, Mauricio is attending with his girlfriend, the most lovely and sweet Birman beauty, Allie, from Friends Furever.


Please don’t forget to check back on February 14 to see all the couples dressed and bejeweled for the Queen of Hearts Dance and then pop over to the Dance at Madi and Mom to see all the attendees.

* For several days, Mom wasn’t sure that she was happy that our plea for dates had turned out so well. She was up to her eyeballs in ball gowns and tuxedos trying to get us all dressed and our photos made to submit to the Dance committee. We girls sure had fun picking out dresses and even changing our minds a couple of times.

We also have an award for which we are thankful today.

We received this most pawsome award from our dear friends the Florida Furkids from Friends Furever and thank them from the bottom of our furry little hearts. Mau’s lovely girlfriend Allie is a Florida Furkid. We have linked to them above.

Under Mau’s Rules we must pass this award to his Worldwide Wildcats Troop Leader, Sammy at onespoiledcat, but he’s the one who gave it to Friends Furever. And we must pass it to Allie, but she gave it to us.

Next it should go to our honorary sisfur and brofur, Nylablue from Nylablue and Sherri-Ellen’s Purrfect Pad, and Bailey from Bailey Boat Cat. To or knowledge neither have this and so we are passing it on.

Additionally, the girls want to pass it on to all their Queen of Hearts Dance dates:

 Wally – The Island Cats  Leopold – Critters in the Cottage  Texas – Texas, A Cat in New York Austin   Sampson – Kitty Cat Chronicles  Zorro – Swiss Cat Blog  Spitty – Spitty Speaks 

We do have a couple of other things for which we are thankful, but we don’t want them to get lost in the shuffle, and we don’t want them to detract from what we are listing here, so we will save them until next week.

Purrs and paw-pats, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo