Caturday Art

Misty May Mirrored Tapestry Cat


Can you guess who this is? I am amazed that today’s Caturday Art actually began as a photograph. I will slowly work backwards to the original photo so you can see who posed for my art.

The above was created using PicMonkey’s Mirror Image and Pixelation. Here’s how the graphic looked prior to those additions.


Misty May Tapestry Cat


This rendition was created using the Starburst overlay in Dreamscope. I really like how it looks like a tapestry.

Finally, here is the original photo. It’s Misty May. I had to lighten it up a lot before I could use it. Even then it was super blurry.


Misty May in a blur before becoming a tapestry.


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Sunday Selfie Blog Hop

Cat4-001After last week’s groundhog selfies, two of the Kitties Blue have volunteered to be your hosts tomorrow. They do not like being upstaged by those garden scourges. When I discovered that we had two groundhogs, I told the kitties’ dad that I suspected we might actually have a third “little” groundhog. And indeed we do. I saw it yesterday afternoon accosting the sweet potato plant leaves. So, we do have an entire family of critters snacking about in the yard. MOUSES! Oops…I mean GROUNDHOGS!

Anyhoo, hope you’ll join us tomorrow. We had a great turnout last week. Kitties Blue and I are quite thankful for each of you who entered and/or commented last week.