Mauricio, Astrid and Lisbeth all have significant others as most of you already know. Each of them received some incredible gifts from those kitties: Astrid from Sampy, Mau from Allie and Lisbeth from Charles.

With Fiona’s illness, all the gifts were not opened until several days after Christmas. Allie, Sampy and Charles were so generous that all our kitties will be sharing. Calista Jo tore the paper off of, played with and absconded with a toy. Lily Olivia got so carried away with a catnip toy that she horked on an unopened gift, the bed and the rug. The two latter incidents occurred prior to any of the actual recipients arriving on the scene.

I am not going to write too much about the gifts but share photos in a slideshow.


[slideshow_deploy id=’18804′]


Needless to say, all the fur balls had a terrific holiday and received more gifts than they deserved. What they don’t know is that they have one more gift to open from their dad and me.

Lisbeth absolutely loves to crawl under the covers with us at night. I believe her new blanket, which she adores, may eliminate her need to burrow with us.

Mauricio, Lisbeth, Astrid and I send our sincere thanks to Allie and Mom Sharon, Charles and Mom Inge and Sampy and Mom Emily (Kitty Cat Chronicles) for their thoughtfulness and generosity. They are the best of friends, and the kitties and I love them all bunches.

Finally, in case you did not see it on Allie’s blog (Friends Furever), Mau asked if I would please share a photo of his main gift to Allie.



I commissioned this pen and watercolor portrait of the couple from Thomas Dalsgaard Clausen. Most of you know him from One Drawing Daily and from creating drawings of many of our furry friends, including Mau and Lily Olivia. I was amazed at how he totally captured these two love birds and can never thank him enough for creating something so beautiful.