Tuesday Doozy of a Snoozy

We leave the sleepypod® out all the time as it’s where Fiona gets her subQ fluids. It is in the kitchen where it can often be found in a sunpuddle. The sleepypod® is a very popular locale for snoozing among all the kitties, especially Lisbeth and Fiona. If Lisbeth is in full nap mode, she totally fills the pod, but when feeling kind, she’ll make room for a friend. On the other paw, Fiona takes up barely half the space within the pod!


sleepypod® and sunpuddle


Fiona is one of the few kitties Lisbeth doesn’t growl or hiss at when they come near her. She likes Mauricio, as do all the girls. That’s about it for her. Lisbeth is a bit of an enigma. She didn’t always dislike ALL the other girls. And she wasn’t always such a loner. How and when she changed, Dad Tom and I have no idea. I am just happy she is being kind to Fiona! I pray that does not change. Fiona needs all the love and comfort she can get.

Do those of you with several cats find they change alliances or decide a kitty that was a friend is now a hated enemy? Are you able to determine why or how this happens? I don’t ever remember this happening with any of our previous nine kitties. Even though we’ve been kitty caretakers for more than 30 years, they still baffle me!