This was a most exciting weekend at Cat Scouts. Sammy’s Travel Service planned a great trip to the Grand Canyon. What a beautiful place. Mom is super jealous as she’s never been there. We did lots of fun things, but the most exciting for me was being inducted into the Order of the Arrowhead in recognition for my service to Cat Scouts. Making that honor even better was the fact that five of my friends, including four patrol mates, were inducted as well. Wolverines Gracie, Andy, Charles (Lisbeth’s boyfriend), Allie (my beautiful girlfriend) and I, are now members of the Order of the Arrowhead. Raz, Allie’s brother, was the other Scout inducted. We join Sammy and Nibbler who were the first inductees. We are all members of the Worldwide Wildcats Troop.



New Order of the Arrowhead recipients: Cat Scouts Raz, Mau, Allie, Andy, Gracie and Charles


Original Inductees: Cat Scouts Nibbler and Sammy


The initiation was the tough part. We each had to spend the night alone in the Grand Canyon and survive using our Cat Scout skills. We had our official cat scout compass and just a few other items. The guys had only a loincloth to wear. The ladies got Wilma Flintstone-type dresses. Not the best look for any of us.

I’ve put together a slideshow with just a few highlights from the trip and my night in the wilderness. (I’d like to thank Gracie for the first three photographs.) NOTE: In order to read the captions, make certain your cursor is not on the photographs.


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If you’re not a Cat Scout, what are you waiting for? There’s so much to do and learn. And so many friends to be made.

Purrs and Paw-pats, Cat Scout Mauricio