Sunday Selfies Week #52

When I was informed that I would be featured today for Sunday Selfies, I told Mom it was one and done. I also said I wasn’t getting up to do it. I’d already settled in for a nice nap using Dad’s foot as my pillow. So Mom stuck the phone it front of my face and demanded I push the button. Voilà…my very blurry portrait. Hope you like it. If anyone expects me to do this again anytime soon, lots of treats best be involved!




I do think the bling on the frame is a nice touch, and I deserve it for being inconvenienced!

So, it’s your turn now. Please join us for the actual 52nd week of our Sunday Selfies Blog Hop. All anipals are welcome and encouraged to take part in this frivolity. Obviously, no photo is too bad to be part of the hop. In fact, some of the truly awful ones are the most fun to see. Click below to add your link. If you need help entering the link to your post, let us know in the comments, and Mom will do it for you if possible.

Cat4-001If you’d like to include the hop on your blog, the code can be obtained below. If you do this, all the Kitties Blue and our mom would appreciate your linking back to The Cat on My Head and/or displaying our badge.

Not that it’s impawtant but we have decided to number our selfie posts from now on so as not to get confused as to which week it is.

All the Kitties Blue apologize for missing a few of you who joined us last week when it came to visiting and leaving a comment. We started out with a bang and then fizzled. Our ditzy mom is still working from two different computers as most of our photos remain on the old Mac. We promise to do better this week.

And once again we thank everyone who has entered our blog hop whether it be every week or only one time. We truly appreciate your support and friendship.

As the old saying goes, “See you in the funny papers.” Have a great easy Sunday.

Purrs and paw-pats, Misty May