Thoroughly Poetic Thursday

We have a special poem today remembering our friend and the originator of Thoroughly Poetic Thursday, now angel Sammy.

We had this colorful photo of hot air balloons as our inspiration.



Remembering Angel Sammy

Do you remember angel Sammy’s Balloon
Adventure when he visited his friends?
He came to see us in Roanoke
And flew over the famous Mill Mountain Star.
We hung a sign on the star welcoming
The King of Baconia to our city.
We even had bacon cookies waiting.
Sammy visited many pals on his trip.
As Sammy went to the Bridge that day,
It was both a special and sad journey.
Mau lost his best friend, but Fiona
Had Sammy as her traveling companion.
They received their wings together and
Now look down on the balloons and us all.
We miss our sister and our dear friend
And wish they could fly down for a visit.

© Janet Buickerood Blue 01/17/2018

Here’s a photo taken the day of Sammy’s visit and included on our post, “Come Fly With Me for Sammy.”


Come Fly With Me


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Thankful Thursday

We also participate in Brian’s Thankful Thursday blog hop each week. We all think it is very important to be grateful. You may think my thankfulness is a bit silly this week, but I can’t help myself. I found out when visiting Four-Legged Furballs yesterday that today is Winnie the Pooh Day, and I adore Pooh. So, I am grateful today that A.A. Milne created Pooh and all his friends, especially Tigger.  In fact, I like Pooh and Tigger so much, I have them both tattooed on my back. As today is Pooh’s special day, I am sharing a photo of that tattoo.

I’ve had this tattoo for about 20 years, so Pooh isn’t as vibrant as he once was, and it’s not a great photo, but I still wanted to share.

If you’d like to share on your blog for what you are thankful and join Brian’s hop, click on his badge.