I am featuring Astrid today for our Caturday Art submission so I can give an update on her. But first, here’s her arty photo.

Astrid Pencil CaturdayArt

I liked the original of this photo as Astrid was sitting on the colorful kitty pillow, and the photo had lots of various textures. I used my normal editing program, Picasa. I applied the pencil sketch filter and then applied saturation at 100 percent. That made her purple name tag really pop. It also made all the colors appear so much warmer.

Astridoriginal-001Here is the original photo. I always think Astrid is a great candidate for the Caturday Art experiments as her tortie furs can be altered in so many different ways.

As I have been reporting, ever since Astrid and Sampson (Kitty Cat Chronicles) became a couple, she has slowly been emerging from her scaredy-cat persona. She has spent as many as six hours lounging out on the catio napping and watching the birds and squirrels. Click here to see her up close and personal with a squirrel if you missed last week’s Caturday Art post.

She has been coming upstairs to the bedroom. I found her asleep on Mauricio’s blanket from his girlfriend, Allie (Friends Furever), when we returned from biking a few days ago. She remained there for most of the afternoon.

This morning, she came to the bedroom to let me know she wanted breakfast. But the best display of her newly found bravado occurred a few mornings ago when I woke up to her purring and burrowing under the covers next to me. My heart leapt to think that she felt confidant enough to join us in bed.

And tonight, she joined in a play session with six of her fursibs. I will tell you more about that in our Monday Meowsings post when I recap Calista Jo’s birthday celebration. But until then, Calista says, “Thank you for attending my Hello-Kitty-Palooza Birthday Pawty. I had a blast!”

For those who requested Hello Kitty memento photos, I have completed several. If you did not receive yours today, I will have it to you tomorrow.

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