With Valentine’s Day tomorrow, I wanted a Spark about love. When I found this one from Lydia Marie Child, it “spoke” to me.


Photo of a bright red male cardinal with the following quote from Lydia Marie Child: The cure for all the ills and wrongs, the cares, the sorrows, and the crimes of humanity, all lie in the one word 'love'. It is the divine vitality that everywhere produces and restores life.


Dad Tom took the photo yesterday when we were having non-stop rain. We have several male and female cardinals that visit our yard and bird feeders daily.

Whether they symbolize love, loyalty or are embraced as spiritual messengers, cardinals are conspicuous in mythology and literature through the centuries. Many individuals believe cardinals appear as messengers from Heaven bringing love and comfort when loved ones have passed away. In Native American lore, cardinals represent devotion, loving relationships, courtship and monogamy. In Christianity cardinals and the blood of Jesus are used as the symbols of everlasting vitality. At Christmas their presence is seen to represent hope and joy. And seeing a bright red cardinal means that the individual is being blessed with good luck and fortune.

So I think this photo is the perfect backdrop for today’s Spark.

I found the author of today’s Spark, Lydia Maria Child, to be particularly interesting. She lived from 1802 to 1880 and was an American abolitionist, women’s rights activist, Native American rights activist, novelist and journalist. In spite of her long list of accomplishments, she may be best known for her poem “Over the River and Through the Wood.”

Sparks is the creation of Annie from McGuffy’s Reader. Sparks began as a blog hop, created by our friend. Annie stated when she began Sparks, “I believe we are meant to be lights in this world. If we allow our light to shine, we can see where we are going. It is then that we can begin to truly see each other clearly. Together, we can light up the entire world.”

The Adventures of Periwinkle & Stinky


Those two fun-loving tabbies, Periwinkle & Stinky, will be setting off on their next adventure tomorrow. As it will be Valentine’s Day, I suspect Stinky has something special planned for his lovely lady, Periwinkle. You can join them right here, and they certainly hope you will. They always have more fun when you tag along. So, please drop by and lend them a hand or paw in whatever they get up to! They’ll be waiting for you.