Belated Birthday Wishes

So, my mom is an idiot. Did you know that yesterday was my birthday? My mom had to visit the Cat Blogosphere to find out. As it  was Periwinkle’s turn to plan her and Stinky’s adventure, our mom didn’t even post anything yesterday. I am more than a little hurt. And now she says I have to share my birthday post with National Selfie Day, and I’m not even on the badge for that. Pffft! You’d think she’d treat me better. After all, I sleep smushed up against her as close as I get every single night!

Here’s the cheesy card she made me to make up for the slight.


Pink and purple birthday card with photo of red haired woman and tiny dilute tortoise shell kitten.


Hey, that’s me and Mom right after I was adopted. I was so tiny, I made Astrid (who is the next to smallest Kitties Blue) look like a giant. Mom recently reshared the post with that photo as part of her Looking Back series. If you missed it, here’s the link, “Rolling, Sliding and Somersaulting.”

I also got one of the toys from the most recent Cat Lady Box. If you follow us regularly, you know that Kizmet claims those about 90 percent of the time. But, on occasion, Mom is able to hide them away before she sees them.

National Selfie Today

Badge for National Selfie Day featuring six cats.


As I am one of the three Kitties Blue missing from this beautiful badge created by Ann from Zoolatry, Mom said I should have a selfie today with my new toy. As you know, none of us here are big fans of taking selfies, but I thought I better oblige her. It did, however take me more than 25 tries to get something she agreed to use. Oh yeah, that blue octopus is my new toy. I have absolutely no interest in playing with it.


Heart-framed photo of an adult dilute tortoise shell cat and a blue octopus cat toy.


If you are participating in National Selfies Day but do not regularly join our Sunday Selfies blog hop, we hope you will link to it with your today’s selfie. The hop always remains open through Thursday. Here’s the link to this past Sunday’s hop, “Father’s Day 2023 Selfies.”

Wordless Wednesday/Looking Back

As I got extra wordy for Wordless Wednesday, Mom decided not to share a Looking Back post this week.

But, we are still going to join the Wordless Wednesday blog hop at Comedy Plus. You can join be there by clicking on the WW badge.

Thanks for joining us today.

Purrs & Paws pats, Calista Jo

p.s. I am now 11 years old. I better get treated lots better on my Gotcha Day in October!
p.p.s. Mom’s not as forgetful and mean as I make her out to be.