Friendly-Fill-Ins: Week #18


Here’s this week’s fill-ins post and hop hosted by Annie (McGuffy’s Reader) and Ellen (15AndMeowing). You can enter a link to your fill-in post on Annie’s blog.

As usual, my completions for the fill-ins are in teal italics.

1. I can’t wait for the new season of Big Bang Theory on television. My favorite television shows have always been the ones that make me laugh, e.g., Frasier, Will & Grace.

fill-ins2. In my home a screen on the catio needs to be repaired where one of those cheeky squirrels chewed a hole in it a couple of years ago. It is currently repaired with Hello Kitty duct tape.

3.I thought I lost my passport a couple of years ago. I had to get a new one so we could go on vacation but

4.Once, I found my lost passport—about two years after I needed it!

So I cheated a bit and turned the last two fill-ins into a two-part fill-in. If I hadn’t used the passport, my answer was going to be, “I thought I lost my mind.” But then, if I had lost my mind, I wouldn’t be able to think, so that fill-in would just be blank.

We’ll be back tomorrow for Athena’s Caturday Art blog hop and then Sunday for our Selfies blog hop.