Thoroughly Poetic Thursday


We are joining Sammy (onespoiledcat) again this week by writing another poem. Our challenge this week was to write a poem using the prompt letter “M.” With two angel cats and two current cats with names beginning with the letter “M,” I had several kitties I could choose to write about. I selected angel Madison. I recently wrote about him for Friendly Fill-Ins. If you missed that post, you can read it here.

Instead of sharing another photo of Madison, I have selected to share this portrait painted by Lou Belcher (Before You Write).




For Madison
A Poem from the Heart


Madison wandered the neighborhood for many months.
He would stop here often to have some lunch,
But he was shy and did not want to be touched.

We’d taken in stray cats through the years,
And the ones we couldn’t keep left me in tears
As they were all enchanting little dears.

Madison came back to our house day after day
And began living on our porch, no longer really a stray,
But he continued to shun my approaches and keep me at bay.

I swore I would not invite him to join the clan;
Though, I found myself becoming quite a fan
Of this most handsome, white-furred, blue-eyed man.

After six months I broke down and asked him inside,
As he was just such a sweet and well-mannered guy.
I realized I’d be stupid to let this opportunity pass by.

He and MacKenzie became the very best of friends,
And Louise he was always quick to snuggle and defend.
He was loved and cherished by all until his very end.

Madison became an angel at less than 12 years old.
It broke my heart as his frail body became cold,
And I realized he’d no longer be here for me to hold.

Madison returned once to the garden for a visit,
And I wished that I could have given him a kiss
To let him know just how much he was missed.

I knew he was there to let me know he was okay
And that the two of us would meet again some day
To love each other forever, snuggle and even play.

Madison truly was a special cat, and it did break my heart when he died 13 days after being diagnosed with lymphoma. Madison was not quite 12 years old, and he had been with us for just ten years.

One of the things we enjoyed was sitting together on a bench in the garden. So, I was not surprised when he visited me while I was working in one of the flowerbeds. I caught him approaching out of the corner of my left eye. The visit only lasted a few seconds, but it brought me such peace. I think of that day and my special Kitty, Madison, often.