Sunday Selfies: Week #453


Tabby kitten, Audrey, is in the #1 napper competition inn organza ribbon. a circular photo framed with white lace , lavender and yellow flowers


As I suspected, most of the Kitties Blue spent yesterday in the bedroom napping, which made it easy to get a selfie for today. Audrey is competing with Calista Jo to be the #1 napper among the Kitties Blue. She can nap all day and sleep all night! I’ll keep you posted as to which feline eventually wins the battle of the snooze!

Whether you’re awake or asleep in your selfie, we really want to see it. And Kitties Blue and I know all your other friends want to as well. If you are too busy or sleepy to join us today, the hop remains open through Thursday, but then you already know that.


If you are here to join the hop or merely here to check out your friends, thank you so much for joining us. Enjoy an easy Sunday as well.