I want to feature Lisbeth in our Caturday Art post today so I can tell everyone a little more about her. I will, however, start by showing off her lovely, bright white tummy in today’s Caturday Art submission.

Caturday Art featuring Lisbeth

I really didn’t want to do much to this photo as Lisbeth looks so pretty just as she is. I mostly played around with the edges using a Vignette filter and a Drop Shadow effect which makes the photo appear to be floating off the page. I did use a very small percentage of Boost on the photo as well to help keep her fur bright. I did all of this using Picasa.

photo 5-002I always like to show you the before photo. I am doing so with a photo taken at the conclusion of the photo session. Lisbeth is telling me, “Go away! You have disturbed my nap enough.”

So, Lisbeth is a rather solitary cat; though, as mentioned in other posts she and Astrid were adopted together from Barn Cat Buddies. They had different birth moms, but Astrid had been abandoned by hers, and when old enough, was placed with Lisbeth and her siblings and their mom, Tux.

They were bonded and inseparable when they came to us. Please click on the title, Cats = Love to see them when they were fairly new members of the Kitties Blue clan.

For whatever reason, Lisbeth and Astrid grew apart. Now Lisbeth hisses at Astrid whenever she sees her. I don’t really know why or exactly when this happened. They both love and interact with Mauricio, and as you know from previous posts, Lisbeth and Lily Olivia will occasionally sleep near each other. But mostly Lisbeth hangs out in the laundry room atop a makeshift bed (also a favorite place of Lily’s), somewhere on the catio or on”her” pillow on the bed.

Lisbeth will join in and play with the red dot or Da Bird or other toys, but she is not aggressive and tends to hang back.

But I couldn’t ask for a sweeter or more loving cat when it comes to human interaction. She will immediately roll over on her back when she sees me coming. But in is NOT an invitation to rub her belly, just her way of saying, “I’m happy to see you. May I please have some attention.”

Her absolute favorite thing is butt scritches. She never seems to get enough. Like most cats she likes her head, chin and neck rubbed and scritched. Whenever I do this to any of the other Kitties Blue, I always give them kisses on the top of their head. Lisbeth, however, would never allow this until three days ago. She would always pull away from me. But on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, when she was napping in the laundry room, I tried this, and she allowed me to give her several kisses. And in return I even got a head butt.

I feel I have broken down an invisible barrier between the two of us. I know that the next time I try the kisses, she may pull away again, but I feel as if I am making some progress in making her more social and open to attention. Now, if I could just get Astrid and her back together, I would by a happy mommy.

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See you all tomorrow for Easy Like Sunday with a report on our new kitty quilt that I was shamed into buying from Ms. Stella O’Houligan and her Mom Stacy (on a more personal note) after keeping the BlogPaws commemorative one for myself.