Caturday Art Blog Hop


Caturday Art

Raleigh thinks he owns the top of the bedroom cat tree. When Audrey had the audacity to try it out, Raleigh pestered her until she got down. He could immediately reclaimed his spot.


Art rendering in shades of red, pink and blue of two tabby cats on a cat tree.


Raleigh has very unusual patterns in his fur, and I like how this effect from Painnt accentuates that. The effect is Forager and the frame, as usual, is from the favpng app.

I also made a puzzle.

preview120pieceTwo Cats Art

Audrey and Raleigh are going to be joining the Caturday Art blog hop hosted by Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty. You can do the same by clicking on Athena’s badge.

Sunday Selfies Reminder

I know those of you who join us regularly do not need a reminder that tomorrow is selfie day. But, if by chance, someone new should stop by today, Kitties Blue would like them to know about tomorrow’s hop. New hoppers are always welcome, and we hope you will encourage your friends to join us as well.

So, we’ll be looking for you and your smiling faces tomorrow. None of the gang have come forward to offer to be your host, which means you’ll need to come by to find out which of the Kitties Blue will be here.

Until then…have a wonderful Caturday.





Celebration Time

Today our baby boy, Sawyer, turns six years old. Granted, he is not the youngest male among the Kitties Blue, but I will always see him as our baby boy. I feel so blessed and grateful that he is here to celebrate it with us.

It was uncertain if he would survive a few of his early seizures. Trips to the emergency vet in the middle of the night when seizures wouldn’t stop, and the day he had to be intubated and placed in a coma due to an unending seizure, made a future for him seem precarious at best. Though he still has his seizures, thankfully they are somewhat controlled by his meds.

He even missed his fourth birthday when he left on his three-and-a half-week unauthorized tour of the neighborhood in 2021. We never expected to see him again, so any birthday we get to celebrate with Sawyer is a bonus.

I made him a card from the entire family.


Grey Manx tabby cat pictured on a birthday card that reads, "Happy Sixth Birthday Sawyer! Love you bunches sweet boy."


And Cooper Murphy baked him a cake.

Birthday cake with a grey tabby cat also made of cake jumping out of the center.


It wouldn’t be a party without noms: shrimpies, tuna, treaties, fresh nip, nip ice cream and crispy bacon. Enjoy!


Collage of foods for a cats birthday celebration.


Please stay and celebrate for as long as you like. Thank you from Dad Tom, me, and all the Kitties Blue, but especially Sawyer, for coming by today to celebrate.

If you weren’t following us when Sawyer became a member of the Kitties Blue crew, you can check out the original post at, “Sawyer’s First Gotcha Day.”

Caturday Art

I am counting Sawyer’s birthday card as art, so he is joining the Caturday Art blog hop hosted by Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty. You can do the same by clicking on her badge.


I did not make a puzzle for you today. I’ll see if I can do one tomorrow.

Sunday Selfies Reminder

Speaking of tomorrow, we will be right here waiting for you to take part in our Sunday Selfies blog hop. We know you want to show the world just how super cute you are, and this is the place to do it. If your peeps will be busy celebrating the upcoming holiday and cannot get you here tomorrow, the hop is open through Thursday. So no excuses allowed!

See you soon.


Caturday Art


Dilute tortoise shell cat with laser (high beam) eyes in a colorful piece of artwork surrounded by a wooden frame.


Calista Jo is back today for Caturday Art. The photo was taken on her birthday right after I gave her the blue octopus toy. She didn’t want it then nor when I gave it to her later on the bed. I had to use the flash to take her photo, so she ended up having high beam eyes.

I did use Painnt again for the art. The effect is Amateur Crochet. I increased the saturation by about 50 percent, as the colors looked a little muddy. I used piZap to add the Pop filter at 50 percent. The fame is from the favpng app.

And here’s the link to C.J.’s puzzle.

preview120pieceLaser Eyes Cat

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Sunday Selfies Reminder

This week has not flown by like it usually does, as we have been inundated with rain for the past several days. The days have seemed unending. Anyhoo, we’ve finally made it to the day prior to selfie day. So, that means it is time for Kitties Blue and I to remind you to snap your selfie and join our hop tomorrow. I think our sweet Lisbeth may be your host.

Have a terrific Caturday. We look forward to seeing you tomorrow.




Caturday Art


Tabby cat lying in a Christmas cardboard house in pastel colors created with Lapiz and bubble foam effects from Painnt and favpng and a circular pastel frame from favpng.


Today’s art features Audrey in one of Kitties Blue Christmas houses. I had put them away in the closet for several months as they had almost totally destroyed them. I decided to set them up again a few days ago. Raleigh, especially, has been working hard to dismantle the one Audrey’s in here.

To create the art, I used the Lapiz effect from Painnt and increased the saturation slightly. I overlaid it with the Bubble Foam effect from favpng at about 80 percent. The frame also is from the favpng app.

Of course, I made a puzzle for those of you, like myself, who enjoy them.

preview120pieceTabby Cat Art

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Sunday Selfies Reminder

Darn, if it isn’t that time again: One of the Kitties Blue needs to step up, take a selfie and be your host tomorrow. You all know what a struggle that can often be. I do not expect this week to be any different, but as it is Father’s Day tomorrow, maybe at least one of them will come through for me. Of course, being Father’s Day, many of you may be busy treating your dad to extra cuddles and purrs, so we understand if you are unable to post your selfie tomorrow. But, we do hope you’ll join us before the hop closes on Thursday.

Have a terrific Caturday, dear friends.



Caturday Art

It would seem with the photos I have been sharing lately that the only thing Kitties Blue do is sleep. I will admit they are champion snoozers. Today’s napper is Sawyer.


Art rendering of a tabby Manx cat asleep in a gilded vintage frame.


To create the art, I went back to the Painnt app. This is the L’oiseau effect with the contrast increased. L’oiseau is French and translates to bird. I think the effect made Sawyer’s fur look like feathers. The frame is the Vintage Ornament Frame from favpng, which I think made the entire creation look like a vintage piece of art.

Of course, I also made a puzzle for you.

preview120pieceTabby Cat art

Sawyer is participating in the Caturday Art blog hop hosted by Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty. You can do the same, as well as see the art of your fellow bloggers, by clicking on Athena’s badge.

Sunday Selfies Reminder

Calista Jo will be here tomorrow as your host for Sunday Selfies. I am just as surprised as you are that one of the gang has already come forward and agreed to host but also has taken her selfie. As I always say, “Cats are predictably unpredictable.” C.J., as well as myself and the other Kitties Blue are looking forward to having you join us. So, brush up those furs and put on your best smile.

Thanks for joining us today.




Caturday Art

Tuxedo Cat with sparkly eyes in an art creation in aqua blue and black and surrounded with a frame that includes aqua and yellow flowers.


Today’s art features the stunning Lisbeth. I particularly like how her eyes are sparkling in this photo.

Once again, I created the art using the Painnt app. This is the Pinup Style effect. I did change the hue of the original photo. As always, the frame is from favpng.

Here is the link to Lisbeth in puzzle form.

preview110pieceTuxedo Cat Ar

Our tuxie girl is joining Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty’s Caturday Art blog hop. You can do the same by clicking on her badge.

Sunday Selfies Reminder

You won’t want to miss tomorrow’s Sunday Selfies hop post. We will be remembering and honoring a special friend tomorrow. Raz from Friends Furever received his angel wings yesterday at 4:15 p.m. and went to the Rainbow Bridge. If you follow the Friends Furever blog, then you know that Raz has been unwell for several months. He’s been on medication, getting B-12 shots and fluids, but unfortunately his health continued to decline.

We consider Raz and his mom and fursibs part of our family. Our angel Mau was married to Raz’s sisfur, angel Allie, Sawyer is his sisfur Noelle’s, boyfriend. And the alter-egos of Sawyer and Noelle, Stinky and Periwinkle, adventure together every week.

Thanks for stopping by today. We sincerely hope to see you tomorrow.



Caturday Art

I loved this photo of Audrey on the cat tree due to her sweet expression and her shadow on the wall. Unfortunately, the original photo was out of focus. So, that made it the purrfect candidate for Caturday Art. And, I have two versions for you today, as I could not decide which I liked best. If you have a favorite, please let us know in the comments.


A torbie cat in a cat tree with her shadow on the wall in some art with pastel colors and surrounded with an aqua lacy frame and a blue-green butterfly.


Torbie cat and her shadow in an artistic image in aqua, rust and brown and surrounded with an aqua, rickrack frame.


To create both of these artistic images, I used Painnt. The first image uses the Legoo effect with soft lighting and analog color composition. I created the second image with the AmyK 3 effect. Both frames are from the favpng app.

Of course, two artistic photos means you also get two puzzles.

preview120pieceTorbie Cat Art #1preview120pieceTorbie Cat Art #2

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Sunday Selfies Reminder

It is time again, tomorrow, to share your selfie with the Kitties Blue and all your friends. Raleigh was supposed to be your host tomorrow, but I made him use his selfie photo yesterday on his naughtiness confession post. That means I will be trying to find one of the other eight to step up and take over the hosting duties. I suspect some treats will be involved in the process of persuasion.

Thanks for coming by to visit with us. We hope to see you again tomorrow.



Caturday Art 

This is going to be very short, as Mom is unable to stay awake. Here I am in her suitcase as she packed for Dad Tom’s and her anniversary getaway. I absolutely refused to leave her suitcase. She finally had to kick me out. So rude!


Orange tabby cat sleeping inside a packed suitcase surrounded by an elaborate black and crystal frame with a large bow

Mom created the art using the Fur Sketch effect from Painnt. She added the original coloring back so the sketch wouldn’t be just black and white. The over-the-top frame is another from favpng.

She also made a puzzle. She tried removing the white margins from around the photo by putting it on a transparent background. Unfortunately, Jigsaw Planet doesn’t recognize that. So, unfortunately, a huge amount of white space exists at the bottom and on the right side of the puzzle.

preview120pieceOrange cat in suitcase

I’ll be popping over to Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty’s blog for her Caturday Art hop. If you’d like to join me there, click on her badge.


Sunday Selfies Reminder

It is time again to share your selfie with the Kitties Blue and all your friends tomorrow. There is every reason to expect there will be a guest host for the third week a row. That is because Mom is not home to coerce one of us into snapping a selfie. But whether it is one of us or another adorable critter here to greet you, please consider joining our hop. It remains open through Thursday.

Purrs and paw-pats, Cooper Murphy

Thanks for coming by to visit with us.




Caturday Art

During the Roundup last week, Kizmet took refuge in a paper bag after her turn at being poked and prodded. The photo of her came out a bit blurry so it was a purrfect candidate for today’s art. To create it, I used the Cortazar effect from Painnt. The frame is from favpng.


Cat in a paper bag in a photo that has been turned into art.


This is not my favorite piece of art I have created. Nonetheless, I did create a puzzle for those of you, like me, who enjoy doing them.

preview120pieceCat in a paper bag art

Kizmet will be participating in the Caturday Art blog hop hosted by Athena Cat Goddesss Wise Kitty. If you’d like to do the same, click on Athena’s badge.

Sunday Selfies Reminder

Another week has flown by, and it’s time once again to get your selfie snapped for tomorrow’s hop. Kitties Blue are fortunate that for the second week in a row, we will be having a guest host tomorrow. As usual, you’ll have to stop in to see who it is, as I am not giving any hints.

Kitties Blue and I hope to see your smiling faces tomorrow. Until then, have a terrific Caturday.



Caturday Art

Audrey has become Queen of the Blep at our house. Today she shows it off in our Caturday Art presentation.


A tabby kitten is asleep with the tip of her tongue hanging out (known as a blep) in a pastel art rendering with a lavender flower border on the lower right edge.


The original photo showed off some lovely, back feet toe beans as well. Unfortunately the effect from Painnt, Pastel Pearl Petals, obscured them. I tinkered with the effect only slightly by decreasing the brightness and increasing the saturation. The flower border is from favpng.

If you have missed some of Audrey’s previous bleps, you can find them at “A Napping, Upside Down Blep” and “Audrey’s Sunpuddle Bathing Blep.”

I did create a puzzle for all those, like me, who enjoy them.

preview110pieceBlep Cat Caturday Art

Audrey will be joining the Caturday Art blog hop hosted by the lovely Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty. If you’d like to join in the fun, click on Athena’s badge.

Sunday Selfies Reminder

Kitties Blue and I know you really don’t need a reminder to snap your selfie and join our blog hop tomorrow. But some things are a habit, and one of ours is to do just that. We do it with the hope that we may snag some new hoppers who might be viewing this post and know nothing about it.

Your host tomorrow is currently a mystery, but I think we may just have a guest host. So please stop in tomorrow, whether you hop or not, to see who shows up.

Until then, have an excellent Caturday!