Thoroughly Poetic Thursday

As promised, I am here to report on my health. As it required a visit to the vet, and this week’s prompt letter for Angel Sammy and Teddy’s poetry day is “V,” I have written a poem entitled, Vet Visit.

Vet Visit

Off to the vet I was carted on Tuesday,
Which turned out to be a very bad news day.
I was bit on my butt by neighbor cat…
That low-down, dirty, mean brat.
Being the exceptional Cat Scout I am,
I refused to engage with this hooligan.
I turned the other cheek, so to speak,
And that stupid cat thought I was meek;
So took advantage of my good nature,
Thinking I’m a sissy ‘cause I’m a Cat Scout baker.
My a$$ has been shaved and a shot injected,
Can’t take the chance of getting infected.
When I arrived home from that horrid ordeal,
I had a plan to show bad kitty how it feels.
I went straight to the Hooligan Paddy Wagon;
Even though, my poor, sad butt was draggin’.
I had the engine revved up and ready to go
When I heard Mom yell loudly, “No!”
I think neighbor kitty should be arrested,
So this kitty he can never again mess with.
But, for now, from revenge I’ll be deprived,
As Cooper Murphy is too young to drive!

© Mauricio Blue 05/10/2017

Yep, I got bit again. I finally let Mom and Dad see it on Tuesday morning. Dr. Neel is on vacation so I saw another doctor. She was really nice, and I was an exemplary patient. Well, of course I was…I am a Cat Scout. I only made two little peeps on the way to the vet and not one while I was there or on the way home.


Mauricio in waiting room at vet.

Mauricio remains calm on exam table at vet.

Mauricio takes to Hooligan Paddy Wagon after vet visit.


I refused to allow a photo of my shaved butt here on the blog. Nobody wants to see that! All the furs shaved off my back after the biting incident in January had just grown back, and now I have a naked spot again. Pffft!

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Thankful Thursday

You probably don’t think we have anything for which to be thankful this week. But that’s not true. That mean kitty only got one fang in me this time. My beautiful and lovely wife, Allie, and so many friends have been purring and sending me POTP. I truly appreciate that and am blessed to have good friends.

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Ciao and meow, Mau