My dad received a photo on Facebook yesterday that Mom thought I should share with you. Neither she nor Dad had seen it before. It was a photo taken when I was just a wee whippersnapper. That’s it on the left in the collage. It was taken four years ago yesterday, September 9, 2011…the day I first met my foster kitty mom (Lisbeth’s biological mom), Tuxie. She began to take good care of me immediately with a nice bath. Before she adopted me I had a wonderful human, foster mom who bottle fed me.




The photo on the right was taken two months later after I came to live with Kitties Blue. Mom discovered it a few days ago in an old e-mail from Dad. She didn’t remember it. She thought it made a good accompaniment to the one with Mom Tuxie. (In both photos you can see my one buff-colored foot.)

The final photo (in the center) was taken recently when I was sitting in a kitchen drawer. Though I am the itty bitty kitty in our house, I sure have grown up a lot in four years. Don’t you think so? I think, however, I have remained just as cute. Mom agrees.

Tomorrow we will be sharing some additional photos of Lisbeth’s boyfriend, Cat Scout Charles, from when his flat cat was visiting us. We regret that his Cat Scout pal and Wolverine patrolmate, Mauricio, was not a very good host. The rest of us found Charles to be quite congenial and enjoyed having him here.

So until tomorrow, I am sending the love of my life, Sampy (Kitty Cat Chronicles), a bajillion kisses. I sure hope he likes my baby photos.

Purrs and paw-pats, Astrid