A Tuesday Doozy of a Snoozy

I’ve shared some unusual doozy snoozies with you in the past, but today’s is definitely the strangest ever. See for yourselves.


Strangest Doozy of a Snoozy


Lisbeth never willingly cuddles next to any other cat unless it is Mau. In fact, if others get near her when she’s awake and aware, we can expect hissing and growling. So when we saw this pair together, we thought possibly we had slipped through a portal into an alternate universe. But what we were seeing was totally happening as evidenced by these photos. Lisbeth and Fiona were together on the small cat perch in the kitchen. We are fairly certain Lisbeth was there first based on the amount of real estate she had as well as the fact she never would have joined Fiona.

Fiona never really snuggled with Lisbeth, and I don’t think Lisbeth’s tongue was used for bathing Fiona. Nonetheless, this is the strangest Doozy of a Snoozy ever.

Though tomorrow is Wordless Wednesday, Fiona will be here to meow at you. She sees Dr. Neel this afternoon for her monthly check-up. She’ll have blood work and so will have new numbers to report to you. Please cross your paws that they are improved from her last check-up. She has been so much better about allowing us to give her the subQ fluids. We think she finally has realized she feels better after she getting them.

Missing Special Day Celebrations

Blog-the-Change-e1326692920554I continue to miss all the animal-related celebration days. Sunday was National Farm Animal Day. Just by coincidence Mr. Sheep was our guest host for Sunday Selfies. Sunday was also National Sibling Day. Had I known, we would have had a two-fur selfie with Fiona and Giulietta. It’s a super cute photo. You can see it by clicking on the Instagram button on our sidebar. Even worse than missing those special days, was missing yesterday’s National Pet Day. With any luck I am going to do better in the future as I have dowloaded the National Day Calendar.

This Friday is Blog the Change for Animals, and I am not going to miss that one again. I’ll be sharing information with you about the Kitten Lady (Hannah Shaw).