My lovely, adorable, sweet kitties have been posting so much lately that I haven’t had the opportunity to report on a few random things.

1.  I have updated the FELINES page with head shots of all the kitties. If you have never looked at that particular page, I hope you’ll visit and learn a little about all the past and current meowmates. Even if you’ve visited before, I hope you’ll check out the new photos.

2. I must apologize to all who got caught up in the dratted Captcha Code. It was a WordPress plug-in that my WP guru thought might help with a bit of a spam problem. Unfortunately, the only thing it accomplished was to make those who tried to comment GRUMPY. It was long gone in less than 12 hours, but being up that long was too much of a bad thing.

3. A couple of months ago I won some Tidy Cats with Glade Odor Solutions litter at CatLadyLand, for which I would like to thank Angie Bailey. It arrived a few days ago, and I will report back after the kitties have tried and rated it.

4. During the past 10 months, I have been using a variety of names (Janet Blue, Janet@TheCatOnMyHead, janetblue, Blue Kitties and Kitties Blue) when commenting, as I really hadn’t figured how I wanted to be identified. As the kits do write most of the comments for me, we are now trying to use Kitties Blue, exclusively. Two different photos of Fiona are being displayed on any site allowing a personal (gr)avatar.

Gratuitous photo of kitten Giulietta mauling one of the meowmates favorite toys.

Gratuitous photo of kitten Giulietta bunny kicking and mauling one of the meowmates favorite toys.

5. Before my whiney, constantly complaining mounds of cat fur can get all up in your faces about being left alone yet again, I’m going to tell you about it. They were left to their own defenses for exactly 24 hours and 17 minutes from Saturday until Sunday afternoon. Prior to our leaving, they had close to eight hours on the catio and enjoyed an abundance of treats as a reward for returning to the house prior to our departure. They were given three heaping bowls of food, five bowls of fresh water and five clean litter boxes to see them through their ordeal. Upon our return, we were summarily dismissed as all sprinted outside for three hours of birdy watching on the catio prior to being served dinner.

Of course, Mauricio had his usual story to be told in three acts about how, in our absence, he was required to protect the house and his meowmates, bathe all the others and scout for creative places to spray that we wouldn’t find right away. He concluded by informing us that we are the worst humans on planet earth and should be flogged and dragged around the block by our hair until rendered too stupid to drive or leave the house by any means of transportation, including the tandem.

It became evident after dinner that Calista Jo had no idea we were even missing as she had slept through the entire 24+ hours. We figured this out when after dinner she began running in and out of the kitchen at full tilt and launching herself onto the kitchen counter with each pass.

As a mini payback, they left us three nice gifts of throw-up (a normal day’s worth).

All have now retired for the night, three with us: Misty May, Lily Olivia and Calista Jo. (By morning, Mauricio, Giulietta and Astrid had joined us as well.)

And finally, any stories about this latest abandonment (their word) that the fur monsters may post in the future and which malign us for our sheer neglect and thoughtlessness when it comes to their well-being, should be regarded as total fiction.