Double Date

Stinky and Cooper Murphy sit and wait for their girlfriends to arrive. Stinky is next to the teleportation tunnel, and Cooper Murphy is on the front porch. Periwinkle will be arriving in her usual way through the teleportation tunnel, but Cooper Murphy’s girlfriend, Tyebe, will be arriving from Canada on her magic carpet.

Tyebe suggested she and Cooper go fishing in order to provide fish for the last Lenten Fish Fry Friday at Cat Scouts. Cooper Murphy thought it would be fun if they could do it with Stinky and Periwinkle, and so suggested it to Stinky as an adventure for all four cats. Stinky thought it a grand suggestion and is praying that Periwinkle won’t mind the double date. He is pretty certain her brofur, Raz, has mentioned it to her, but Stinky is a worrier, as we think everyone knows by now.

The girls will be arriving in late morning. Cooper asked if that would be alright, as Tyebe lives in the Pacific time zone, and he didn’t want her traveling in the dark. A magic flying carpet does not provide the same protection as a teleportation tunnel.

Tyebe and Periwinkle arrive simultaneously and precisely at the prearranged time. The boyfriends and girlfriends spend several minutes whisker kissing and snuggling before jumping into the Kitties Blue teleportation tunnel with all their paraphernalia for the trip. Dad Tom has set the coordinates for them. They will be making two stops, so he has programmed in both locales.

Sandstone Falls Hiking

The kitties arrive at Sandstone Falls in West Virginia where they will be hiking and having a picnic. Periwinkle and Stinky had a waterfall adventure back in 2020, but they are still in awe at the power and beauty of waterfalls. As the four hike and view the sites, lots of “oohs” and “wows” are murmured.



“I didn’t know the water could be so loud,” says Tyebe. The others have to lean in to hear her, and Periwinkle says, “Let’s move a little further away.”



Stinky, Periwinkle and Tyebe squeal with joy when they come across a huge flock of geese and take off chasing them. Cooper Murphy is powerless to stop them and just sighs at the exuberance of the younger cats. They don’t even care that they are getting wet and have lost their hats.



Cooper yells, “You three be careful and do not antagonize those geese. They will bite.”

Undeterred the three race forward until they find that Cooper has managed to outrun them. He puts up his paws and says, “I’m sure that was fun but now you three are all wet and will have to spend time drying your furs before we can continue.” Periwinkle, Tyebe and Stinky just giggle and begin licking themselves dry.

Finally, overcome with exhaustion, the four decide it is time for their picnic before moving on to their next locale and fishing. Cooper finds what he thinks is the perfect spot; though, Stinky and Periwinkle will have to find a way to cross the stream.



The four cats enjoy a leisurely lunch of Fancy Feast and Temptations and talk about what they’ve seen and how much fun it was chasing the geese.

Fishing at Babcock State Park

When lunch is finished, the kitties head back to the teleportation tunnel for the quick 25-mile trip to their second locale, Babcock State Park.

Cooper Murphy and Tyebe are expert fishercats. Though Periwinkle is a master at catching lizards and Stinky has an advanced degree in mouse catching, Cooper knows neither of them have tried their paws at fishing. He helps them put bait on their hooks. Each finds what they think will be the purrfect spot to put their poles in the water and settles in to wait for the fish to start biting.



All four cats fight to stay awake after the hike and picnic, especially Tyebe. After all she had a long magic carpet flight just to get to Stinky and Cooper Murphy’s house. Cooper Murphy tells her, “Go ahead and have a little catnap, Tyebe. I will watch your pole.”

Tyebe, sleepily replies, “Thanks, Snap,” and closes her eyes.

Hearing their conversation, Periwinkle asks Stinky, “Who or what is Snap?”

“Oh, that is Tyebe’s nickname for Cooper. It is short for Gingersnap.”

Periwinkle replies, “That is so cute, I need to find a nickname for you.”

Stinky does not reply. He does not want to encourage Periwinkle. He’s fairly certain her brofur, Raz, knows he already has one…PTU Pooper. In fact Raz and Stinky share that nickname, so Stinky thinks Raz probably won’t spill the beans.

After a couple hours of fishing and occasionally napping, the four cats decide to pack up for the trip home. Before leaving, Tyebe suggests, “Let’s get a photo with the fish we caught. I have my selfie stick.” Tyebe, Periwinkle, Stinky and Cooper Murphy stand together and hold up the fish for the photo.



Time to Head Home

Returning everything to the teleportation tunnel, including the fish, the kitties pile in, and Stinky sets the coordinates for home. They are happy it will be a quick trip, as the fish are pretty smelly.

As soon as the cats arrive at Cooper and Stinky’s house, their dad collects the fish and takes them to the basement fridge. Cooper will take them on Friday to the Fish Fry.

All four spend some time washing up to clean the fishy smell from their furs while Dad Tom hoses out the teleportation tunnel. Then Periwinkle and Tyebe spend a little time visiting with the other Kitties Blue.

Way too soon it is getting dark and time for the girls to head home. As Tyebe will be going west, she’ll still arrive home we’ll before dark. With lots of whisker kissing, paw hugs and whispering the couples say their good-byes. “Thanks for such a wonderful time, Snap. I hope we can go on another adventure sometime in the future,” Tyebe tells Cooper Murphy. He squeezes her paw and promises they will. Periwinkle tells Stinky she is already looking forward to next Tuesday. In a moment with the wave of paws the girls are on their way.

The boys head to the kitchen for supper chattering about what a fun double date they had.

The End

Periwinkle & Stinky

Note: If you are unfamiliar with Tyebe, you can find her and her sisfur, Shoko, at The Canadian Cats blog.