Election Day 2020

Stinky’s eyes keep closing, and he fights to stay awake while waiting for Periwinkle to arrive. The sky is dark; though, the clock tells him it is morning. He finds this time changing thing humans do every spring and fall annoying. Suddenly, he hears the familiar whoosh and shakes himself awake. Periwinkle rubs her eyes, as she tumbles from the teleportation tunnel. The frown on her face tells Stinky she is not thrilled to be up and traveling so early.

Stinky rushes to hug her to assuage her grumpiness. She melts into his arms, and they hug for a very long time before Periwinkle finally says, “So what is this adventure that has us up before breakfast time?”

Stinky bounces from paw to paw and seems as if he doesn’t want to tell Periwinkle what he has planned. As he is bouncing, Dad Tom comes in the room. He asks the tabbies if they are ready to leave. Stinky nods, “yes,” and takes Periwinkle’s paw. She still has no idea what Stinky has planned.

They all go to the garage and hop in Dad Tom‘s car. Stinky is still quiet as to what they will be doing. Soon they drive up to a building with a long, socially-distanced, line outside. Periwinkle’s curiosity gets the better of her, and she pokes Stinky several times to get his attention. He smiles, takes her paw and leads her out of the car. Dad Tom opens the back of his car and takes out two signs. He hands one to each tabby. Periwinkle looks at hers, scrunches up her nose and says, “huh.”

Today’s Adventure

Stinky explains his plan, but Periwinkle is still confused. She protests, “I know it is Election Day, but all these people are already here to vote. They don’t need us to remind them.”

Stinky tells Periwinkle they are going out to the sidewalk and grass in front of the building to catch the attention of anyone driving or walking by. He says, “Humans cannot resist cute kitties, so they will stop to pet us. When they do, they will see our signs and be persuaded to vote.”

Periwinkle is less than enthusiastic, but she wants to spend the day with Stinky, so she takes up her sign and starts prancing up and down the sidewalk.

Dad Tom tells Stinky to be careful and reminds him there are snacks in the car, and he will be waiting for them when they get tired. Stinky nods, grabs his sign and joins Periwinkle. They hear many ooohs and ahhhs whispered by those waiting in line.

Periwinkle asks Stinky about his sign, “That looks very special Stinky. Do you know the kitty on it?”

He tells Periwinkle it is his angel sisfur, Lily Olivia. He explains that she made the sign to encourage everyone to vote in 2016.”I met Lily when I first came to live with Kitties Blue. She was very old. But she was friendly and told me everything I needed to know to fit in with the rest of the Kitties Blue crew. She died a few weeks after I joined the family”.



“That is very sad, Stinky, but it is great you got to meet and get to know her.”

It takes very little time for a passerby to see the cute tabbies and realize she needs to vote. She parks her car in the parking lot, comes over to the tabbies and gives them chin scritches, then puts on a mask and gets in line to vote. This continues to happen with both men and women.

The tabbies move to the grass where both men and women continue to approach them and give them pats and pets and scritches. Periwinkle and Stinky make certain everyone sees their signs.



After a couple of hours, the tabbies realize their paw pads are feeling tender, and they are ravenous, having skipped breakfast.

When Dad Tom sees the tabbies approaching his car, he gets out and takes their signs. They jump into the car, and Dad Tom opens the Temptations so they can have some treats to tide them over until they get back to Stinky’s house for a proper meal.

Periwinkle asks Dad Tom, “Are you going to vote before we leave?”

“No, Periwinkle, Stinky’s mom and I voted a few weeks ago.”

“That was smart,” says Periwinkle.

Dad Tom, Periwinkle & Stinky set off to return home. When they arrive, Stinky’s mom fixes them a nice meal of stinky goodness, with some meds for Stinky. After eating, Periwinkle visits with all Stinky’s fursibs.

Then it is time for Periwinkle to return home. The tabbies spend some time saying, “good-bye,” hugging and giving each other whisker kisses. Before Periwinkle pops back into the teleportation tunnel, she and Stinky have one final message.

Public Service Announcement


The End

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