Mauricio ready for his trip to the veterinarian's office.

Mauricio ready for his trip to the veterinarian’s office.

Mauricio is beginning to feel very put upon. First it was Calista bad-mouthing him in “The Kitten’s Choice Awards” and then yesterday he had to visit Dr. Neel. He’s had a bad case of the sneezies for a couple of days; and though he’s been gobbling up his food per usual, he’s been a little lethargic and just hanging out inside. Now granted, we had a heavy, wet snow on Thursday making outside less than appealing. As he normally just curls up on the front porch rocker, however, we knew when he wanted to stay in bed or sprawled out on the heated kitchen floor that he was feeling under the weather.

The male human, Tom, took him to the vet (usually my job) and just like Lily Olivia last fall, he didn’t sneeze once while Dr. Neel was examining him. Prior to her coming in the room, Tom said he got out a good one and sprayed snot all over the room. Way to go, buddy!

Snow falling Thursday night.

Snow falling Thursday night.

And, of course, the exam did not get a rave review as it included having his temperature taken and getting a shot!

As lots of snow is still about, he has selected to stay inside today. Had he not done so, we would have demanded it. And, as expected, he’s snoozing away atop the warm kitchen tile.