Caturday Art

Our resident artist, Mom, created two pieces of art from the same photo for today’s hop. She couldn’t decide which she liked best, so I told her to share both. The basis for each creation was the Marvelian filter in Painnt. She just changed the coloration for each creation.

On this first photo, she also added the metallic filter and corner leaves using piZap with a border from Picasa.


Caturday Art #1.


This version has a border from piZap and no other additions.


Caturday Art #2.


Do you like one better than the other? I bet you’ll decide you like the original best. It is definitely squeee worthy.



Mom and I were both disappointed that we had to turn this photo into something artsy. But as you can see, it is quite blurry. That’s because she took it!

If you are wondering what I am doing here, I am playing with the white fuzzy mouse that hangs on the doorframe from an elastic cord. I have it in my mouth.

We are entering one of our very favorite blog hops with today’s art. It is hosted by Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty. You can go there to see other art or enter some of your own by clicking on her badge.

Thanksgiving Thanks

We are so grateful to all our friends who visited on Thanksgiving and left us their good wishes. We are still trying to get back to everyone. Mom promises that will happen today.

Sunday Selfies

We hope everyone has plenty to smile about this weekend. After all, Thanksgiving is the best holiday for yummy noms, like turkey, of which we got none. We’ll fill you in about that on the hop tomorrow. Anyhoo…when you awake from your turkey coma, get those smiles in place and get your selfie taken to share on our hop. Until then…let it all hang out. As you can see, that’s what I’ll be doing.

Purrs and paw-pats, Cooper Murphy