Fiona’s Current Vet Report

Yesterday was my appointment with Dr. Neel. Mom had to coax me out from under the bed with treats, catnip and a purple pipe cleaner. At least I’m not easy!

The trip to the vet office was eventful. Dad drove and Mom had the carrier on her lap and put the seatbelt around the both of us. Before we even got out of the driveway, there was a poop incident (and another one on the way home). Following the clean-up, the pee started to flow, and I soaked Mom’s jeans. MOL! I also trembled during the entire trip. But I didn’t make a peep.

Mom and Dad brought my fluids with us to the vet as I have been very bad about letting them give them to me. For two days in a row I threw a fit about half way through the process and the needle came out. Then on Sunday I totally refused to allow either Mom or Dad to stick me. In spite of losing about a third of my body weight, I am still a fighter.

Once we got to the vet office, we had to wait a little while. I couldn’t even give the stink-eye to Kiki the resident cat. She was curled up inside her “cave” with just a paw sticking out. Boring!

When we got to the exam room, my weight was taken. Since December 21 I have gained five ounces. I am eating a bit more food now and not just treats. I still am not eating any of the renal foods. Bleh!

I got my subQ fluids while I was there and had a little bit of blood drawn to test my BUN. So…are you ready for the GOOD news? My BUN was 92! That’s 46 points lower than last week! Mom was so happy and excited. She asked Dr. Neel if eventually we could get it back in the normal range (14 – 36 MG/DL). Unfortunately, she said, “no.” But any drop is in my favor, so we are celebrating.

Since I am being such a big stinker about my fluids, Dr. Neel said my folks could give them to me every other day as long as I continue to do well. I will continue with all my daily medications. And I don’t have to see Dr. Neel again for two weeks. Yippee. I don’t like going out in the cold weather and neither does Mom.

But the very best news of all…my sissy Gulietta is no longer shunning, growling or hissing at me. She’s cuddling and letting me sleep with her. And here’s the evidence: photos of her spooning me.


Giulietta and Fiona snuggling


Though this is a great report, I still need any purrs and prayers you can spare. I know it is the ones you have already said for me that have helped me improve as much as I have. Thank you my friends for your support.

Purrs and paw-pats, Fiona