Sunday Selfies: Week 73

I was hanging out with Mom a few days ago sharing her chair with her. Unfortunately I hadn’t noticed her cell phone on the counter. Before I knew it she stuck the phone in front of my face and commanded me to take a selfie. I ended up having to take four before I had one that wasn’t terrible. Of course, Mom wasn’t satisfied with posting just the one. She had to make a collage with all four. Pffft! Seems as if the new year isn’t going to be any different than the last one.


First Selfies of the New Year


I really like the background she selected for my selfies, but she couldn’t stop there. She thought it might be fun to see how the collage looked as a pencil sketch. What do you think?


First Selfies of the New Year.


She started with a totally black and white sketch and then added some of the color back to it. I think it’s sort of cool how it shows my individual furs.

Cat4-001This is our first Sunday Selfies blog hop of the new year. Let’s make it a great one. My fursibs and I look forward to seeing all the submissions each week and hope to make some new friends during the next 52 weeks. We will continue to occasionally have guest hosts and try to do something special when Sunday falls on or near a holiday.

To add your selfie, click on the link below and/or use the code to add the hop to your blog. If you do the latter, please add a link to The Cat on My Head and/or display our page.

Finally, my fursibs, Mom and I want to thank all of those who have entered, supported and purrmoted our hop. Without your weekly purrticipation we would not be in our 73nd week.

Purrs and paw-pats, Lisbeth with love and kisses for Charles