Sunday Selfies: Week #488


Sawyer's Special Selfie: Grey tabby cat with light green eyes selfie with a sparkly blue Christmas-themed frame.

Yesterday, was my beautiful girlfriend Noelle’s (Friends Furever) 6th Gotcha Day. I have made a super special selfie for her, which I am purring she will like. If you missed her party yesterday, click on the link above to visit her and leave your best wishes.

A Question from Mom

For those of you who subscribe to e-mail notifications of our posts, can you please let my mom know if you have been getting them. My dad woke her up at 5:45 a.m. yesterday to tell her she forget to schedule our post, as he didn’t get an e-mail notification, and an early commenter also said she didn’t get one. Mom would like to know if anyone else has had the same issue and if she should look for a glitch in her notification system plug-in.

Holiday Greetings

Mom finally got our holiday cards in the mail on Friday. She realizes that those of you who live out of the country definitely won’t see them before 2024, for which she apologizes. She will include a copy on tomorrow’s post for anyone who would like to pick it up there.

Finally, Hopping Time

I know today will be a busy one for many of your humans, but I sure hope you can find a bit of time to stop by and link up your selfie. If not, I’ll be here until Thursday, so you can join us after things quiet down a bit.

Wising you all a most meowvolous holiday from me and all the Kitties Blue (Mom and Dad Tom too) ,

Sawyer (with love and whisker kisses to Noelle)