Sunday Selfies: Week #342



I may look serious, but I am happy to be here and welcome you to our Sunday Selfies blog hop. All of us Kitties Blue have been practicing our selfies. Since Kizmet arrived, she is showing us all up with her terrific photos and selfies. If the rest of us are going to get any blog time, we need to step up our game. Calista Jo showed you what she could do last week, so now it is my turn.

Recently, our mom has been updating you about my seizures. I haven’t had a tonic-clonic (gran mal) seizure in 19 days. I have had several focal seizures, which normally involve weakness in one of my legs and spastic mouth movements. Usually these focal seizures will turn into a gran mal, but lately they haven’t been. I have my paws crossed and my mom and dad are praying this will become a trend.

Hopping Time

Now that I have filled you in on how I am doing, it is time to hop. Will you please join me and share your selfie with us? You don’t even have to post today to participate. Our hop is open through Thursday.

All my fursibs and I totally appreciate your support and participation in our hop.

Purrs and paw-pats, Sawyer (with Whisker Kisses for Noelle)