Calista has been trying to help me with this post.

Two Torties

Astrid was in and out of the kitchen (where Calista is being housed most of the time) more times yesterday than I could count. I am not sure if she is feeling some connection to the latest Barn Cat Buddy, tortoise-shell kitty or simply checking to see if she’s still here while hoping she isn’t.

At one point, when Calista was napping on one of the stools, Astrid was trying to reach her by standing on her hind legs and stretching out a paw. She couldn’t quite reach, and I was relieved she didn’t try to jump up and join her.

When the other seven kids were served dinner in the kitchen, Calista was returned to the bathroom with her dinner. She finished minutes later, and the caterwauling began again. She does not enjoy being alone! After I retrieved her, she began to explore the bookcase and pulled out some books…hiding place created!

When I needed to go out for a while today, Astrid insisted on staying in the kitchen with the newbie. I hoped to find them both with all their appendages and fur intact on my return.

The Escape

As I walked through the front door, Astrid approached me from the dining room and Calista came bounding toward me through the door to the kitchen, which was ajar. Astrid had liberated herself by somehow moving a half-full, 17-pound bag of sunflower seeds away from the door. And as a result liberated Calista as well. The latter pranced and danced around the foyer and dining room as Mauricio, Giulietta, Fiona and Astrid stood by and watched, not at all sure what to do about her.

Calista sleeping in my lap.

All that activity left Calista tuckered out. For most of the afternoon, she has been curled up on my lap rejuvenating. When not asleep, she has been sitting on my laptop keyboard. I’ve been forced to continuously delete the indecipherable things she has typed! Future posts may need to be created behind closed doors.

Every minute brings a new adventure for a kitten and her human!


Blurry photo of