This is a favorite toy of all our kitties.

When I was in elementary school our report cards had a section entitled, DEPORTMENT. One of the sub-headings was, “Plays Well With Others.” I was pretty shy so I am not sure what my teacher wrote in that section. I do know that a frequent comment was made concerning talking too much in class. If we gave report cards to our kitties, Mauricio would have that statement written in red and underlined.

A blur of kitten activity.

Often when I see an advertisement to adopt a cat or dog, it will read, “good with children,” or “good with other pets.” And sometimes an ad will read, “needs single pet home.” In our multi-feline abode not all of our pusses play well with all our other pusses. Like any other successful survivors, they have formed alliances.

Calista’s first alliance was with Astrid, and as reported in a previous post, they have been playing together. At this point most of the others are either getting along (Lisbeth is no longer hissing) with or at least tolerating Calista; though, not playing with her. Mauricio, however, has been entertaining her with his tail. She has as yet to figure out that when he is swishing it, he is not a happy camper. When she sees it moving about, she cannot hold back and must attack. She will keep this up even as his tail moves faster and faster. When he’s finally had enough, he hauls off and swats her. She gets a combination of a disappointed and a surprised look on her face.

Tether Ball anyone?

In her best interest, she has learned to play when all alone. Having three siblings to play with prior to coming to the House of Blue Cats, I am a little surprised by her solitary activity. When she was first let out of her kitchen confinement she immediately found the toy basket and has since pulled out several she’s found appealing. And, as you can see, the cat tree tether ball is a favorite.

With the big cats are outside most of the day, I am pleased that she is self-entertaining . As the weather begins to turn cold, however, she’ll have more companionship and I hope more playmates.