Mommy and Josie

We broke our two main rules regarding the acquisition of cats. In good conscience, however, I must confess that Tom was basically an innocent bystander to a deal I struck with Diane Novak of Barn Cat Buddies.

Rule #1: Do not house more than seven cats.

Rule #2: Only adopt cats in pairs.

If you have been following my posts, you know that a little dilute tortoise shell kitty captured my heart last weekend at an adoption event. On Thursday she joined our pack of pusses. Currently, she is being sequestered. Over the next several days we will take steps to introduce and integrate her with her new housemates. Astrid (also a Barn Cat Buddy) and Astrid’s littermate, Lisbeth, have already checked out the kitty’s carrier while Tom was holding her.

Her name at the moment is Josette or Josie for short. I know we will be renaming her, possibly keeping Josette as a middle name. You will need to keep a lookout for a future post announcing that name. We have three we are considering. Many others already have been eliminated.

According to her vet records she was born June 20. Her mom is a feral cat, and she has three siblings. You can watch a video of her and one of her siblings, Bobbie, on YouTube. After going to that site, search “My Movie Josie and Bobbie.”

Josie and Daddy

Fiona, Lisbeth and Giulietta watch from a safe perch as Josie arrives.

She took to Tom immediately, and he announced her arrival on Facebook about five minutes after she got here.

Her current pursuits include purring, kneading, caregiver hand licking, nudging under that same hand with her nose to elicit petting and MEO-O-O-OWING very loudly.

A few minutes ago when all the big kids were outside, she was sitting in my lap purring.

Now (not in keeping with proper introductory protocol), Astrid is sitting very attentively and watching Josie play. Astrid was climbing the mullions of the backdoor demanding to be let inside. She was driving me nutty, and I indulged her. Maybe they have a sense about both being BCBs as I have heard only one little hiss from Josie and a slight growl from Astrid. For the most part, they are warily watching each other and occasionally reaching toward each other with extended front paws. No fisticuffs have ensued.

I attempted to get some photos of them together but the action made the pictures blurry. You can count on me posting copious photos in the future.