Calista Josette

Our new Barn Cat Buddy has acquired a name: She is now Calista Josette Blue. Her family and friends can feel free to call her Callie Jo. Of course, she has no idea what her name is. We have found that it usually takes a kitten about four months to learn her name.

She has, however, already learned to jump up on the counter stools and then onto the island. Our previous kittens have started by climbing our legs (OUCH!) to gain access to the stools. I’m glad we won’t have to endure that painful phase of kitten hood.

She also has made it to the top of the small cat tree where she enjoyed chasing her tail. And last night she snuggled in my lap for a very long time…sleeping and “meyowling,” as well as purring, kneading and sucking on my arm. It seems she has accepted me as her mommy.