Sunday Selfies: Week #248


Grey cat, Kizmet, shares here big fangs for Halloween in a frame with jack-o-lanterns.


Boo! Did I frighten you with my selfie? I’m all ready for Halloween. How about you? Do you have a scary selfie to share with us today? Whether it’s scary or not, I sure do hope you are going to join us today on our hop. My fursibs and I always enjoy seeing your cute faces.

I’m looking forward to Halloween, as I like people and make friends with everybody. I’m pretty certain all the other Kitties Blue will be running every time the doorbell rings. And I know my mom and dad will be shooing me away from the door.

Today, I will be resting up and having an easy Sunday. I wish you the same right after you post your selfie and join our hop. But if you can’t participate today, don’t forget that the hop remains open through Thursday.


Thanks for being our followers and friends. Toodles, I am oft find a sunpuddle and have my nap!

Boos, purrs and paw-pats, Kizmet