Sunday Selfies: Week #308



Hi, friends. I hope you all had a great Fourth of July. It was super quiet here, but then it always is for me. My fursibs told me that lots of fireworks were set off in our neighborhood. I didn’t hear a thing and remained asleep on our dad’s lap. Lucky me!

I am sharing one of my best ever selfies. Though I am awake, I am in my second favorite napping spot—Dad’s lap being my number one favorite—the settee on the front porch. This was Lily Olivia’s favorite place for a snooze.

Anyhoo, it is hopping time, so I am hoping lots of you have taken selfies and will join me. After all, our readers deserve a little cuteness injection. And you don’t even need to post on Sundays to participate. The hop remains open through Thursday.

Remembering Harvey & Dot

Two friends from the Dash Kitten blog recently received their wings and flew off to the bridge. It breaks our hearts when those we are so fond of have to say, “good-bye.” Our mom was always in love with and a huge fan of Harvey. She will miss him bunches.

All the Kitties Blue are sending condolences, purrs and POTP to Mom Marjorie and Dad Paul.