Caturday Art


Caturday Art


Cooper Murphy is the subject of today’s art. He had crammed himself into one of the cat tree cubbies on the catio. When dad Tom saw this, he snapped a few photos.

I went back to Painnt this week to create the art. I used the Glassworks filter and changed the hue in the Basic edits. Then I added the grain merge effect with Color Composition and the vivid effect with Coloring. The blue/maroon border was added with Picasa.

Here’s the original photo.

The arty version is our submission in Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty’s Caturday Art blog hop. To join the hop or find links to other art, click on Athena’s badge.


Sunday Selfies

Here’s your early warning/reminder that tomorrow is the day to put on your best smile and snap a selfie for our blog hop. We look forward to seeing lots of our old friends, and with any luck, some new ones as well.