by Janet Blue on September 25, 2021

Caturday Art

For today’s art, I used an uncropped version of Cooper Murphy’s photo from Wordless Wednesday for some ginger cat art. If you missed “Guard Cat & the Furry Interloper” and would like to see the original photo, click here.


ginger cat art


Once again, I used the Painnt app. The effect is LanaG2. The frame is from favpng.

The arty Cooper Murphy is participating in Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty’s Caturday Art blog hop. If you’d like to create some art and join the hop, click on Athena’s badge.


I made a puzzle for you from today’s art. The link is at the bottom of the post.

Happy Birthday

Today the Kitties Blue, Dad Tom and I send best wishes for a happy birthday filled with love and joy to a special friend: Teddy’s mom, Pam!



Cooper Murphy baked her a cake.



Please stop by Two Spoiled Cats to leave a birthday message for Pam.

Sunday Selfies Reminder

We’ve already reached the end of September. It’s officially fall, and Christmas is only three months from today. It’s hard to believe 2021 will soon be in the past. The weeks and months just keep flying by. Tomorrow will mark the 371st Sunday Selfies blog hop! Wow…that’s a lot of Sundays. For those of you who have been with us from the beginning and for all who have ever joined in, thank you so much. Kitties Blue and I look forward to seeing your smiling faces each week and look forward to your joining us again tomorrow. Until then…find a sunpuddle or whatever else makes you happy and have a terrific Caturday.

preview130pieceCooper Murphy Guard Cat


Cathy Keisha September 27, 2021 at 10:40 pm

Whoa! That’s some special art!

Meezer'sMews&TerrieristicalWoofs September 27, 2021 at 3:10 am

Wow, that is amazing art!

Happy Birthday to our wonderful friend and fellow blogger, Miss Pam!
Meezer’sMews&TerrieristicalWoofs recently posted…First Sunday Selfies In Autumn!My Profile

Peaches and Paprika September 26, 2021 at 6:59 am

We are so happy to be finally able to send heartfelt birthday wishes to Ms. Pam and a hello to Teddy and Angel Sammy. (Due to some glitch we’ve been unable to post to her blog for over a year!) HAPPY BIRTHDAY MS. PAM, sending you and the boys all our love. Don’t forget, we have a soft spot in our hearts for ORANGES!
Peaches and Paprika recently posted…Peaches disappears from Motel RoomMy Profile

Athena and Marie September 26, 2021 at 6:30 am

Lovely art. Happy Birthday, Pam!

Ellen J Pilch September 25, 2021 at 5:58 pm

Very pretty art. Thank you for the puzzle. XO
Ellen J Pilch recently posted…Caturday SaturdayMy Profile

Movers2u September 25, 2021 at 5:55 pm

I am glad that your blog is constantly evolving. Such posts only added popularity.

Mary McNeil September 25, 2021 at 5:52 pm

We love Teddy & Angel Sammy and their humans !

The Island Cats September 25, 2021 at 4:56 pm

That’s some cool artwork! And happy birthday to Miss Pam! ~Ernie
The Island Cats recently posted…Inspire Others to #SeeTheLight for Pet Adoption #RememberMeThursdayMy Profile

BellaDharma an BellaSita September 25, 2021 at 4:32 pm

Pawtastick artsy foto of Cooper Murphy…wee DID go look at original foto…
They are so diffyrent…yore an artiest Aunty!
***purrss*** BellaDharma an {{hugss}} BellaSita

Sue Brandes September 25, 2021 at 4:28 pm

That’s neat. Happy Birthday to Pam.

Canadian Cats September 25, 2021 at 3:05 pm

Snap? I barely recognized you. I like you better in your selfies. mol You are a wonderful baker too. Look at that cake for Teddy’s mom, it is fantastic!

Whisker Kisses, Tyebe
Canadian Cats recently posted…Remember Me Thursday with Angel BuddMy Profile

Timmy Tomcat September 25, 2021 at 1:31 pm

Cooper always makes some fine art and this week is no exception!
Happy Birthday Pam! You are a very special cat Mom and do a lot for us all
Timmy Tomcat recently posted…Artful NannerMy Profile

CRYSTAL AND DAISY MAE September 25, 2021 at 1:00 pm

We love the art. Happy Birthday Pam

Leah September 25, 2021 at 12:40 pm

Love the art! Happy Birthday to Pam, and Happy Caturday to all!
Leah recently posted…Remember Me Thursday; To Promote Adoptions of Homeless AnimalsMy Profile

meowmeowmans September 25, 2021 at 10:18 am

Awesome artwork. And happy birthday to Pam!
meowmeowmans recently posted…In a FLASH! #RememberMeThursdayMy Profile

The Florida Furkids September 25, 2021 at 9:29 am

That artwork is amazing!!! Thanks for the puzzle!!

The Florida Furkids
The Florida Furkids recently posted…Caturday Cat ArtMy Profile

Brian Frum September 25, 2021 at 9:09 am

That really is such wonderful and fancy art!
Brian Frum recently posted…Sister Saturday Caturday Art Day with Perch Time DollyMy Profile

Charles Huss September 25, 2021 at 7:09 am

That’s great. Cooper Murphy looks like Captain America. 🙂
Charles Huss recently posted…Cries of DesperationMy Profile

Pam September 25, 2021 at 4:07 am

WOW….well, needless to say, you have made my day! What a special thing to see first thing this morning. You all are so very sweet to honor me like this and it means the world to me just as you do as my friends. As for Cooper’s art – it’s spectacular – our gingers just can’t help themselves can they – they’re always “art-worthy” !! Thank you again Blue family – that birthday cake is so tempting I wish I could REALLY eat it……….love and hugs.

Pam recently posted…Bakin’ With Bacon….and a Friend!My Profile

Summer September 25, 2021 at 2:59 am

What pretty art. Happy birthday, Pam!
Summer recently posted…I Got the Kitten Rescue VIP Gift Bag! And About Their EventMy Profile

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