Most of you know that we are inseparable. Mom has posted photos of us snuggled together on one ham-mick, the cat tree, the rug and many other places. Today is no different.

We realize Sunday is almost over, but we have been taking our Easy in the upstairs bathroom in this exact spot not only today, but also for several days. And Mom figures we’ll be here tomorrow and probably straight through until next Sunday.

So why are we camped out here? It’s the warmest room in the house! We’re cats. That’s what we do.

Image 11

Image 10

Image 5-001

Image 14

Image 7-001

Image 8

You may have noticed that we were both sleeping when Mom started snapping the photos. Giulietta never did wake-up, and I wasn’t fully awake until the last photo. A pox upon the human for disturbing me.

Hope y’all are having an Easy Sunday or are enjoying a Super Bowl pawty somewhere! Unless you are a Seahawk fan, we suspect you are not enjoying the game itself and may be planning to switch to “Downton Abbey” at 9.m. (EST only) as our humans are.

Purrs and paw-pats, Fiona (and Giulietta)

p.s. In case you were wondering, those are Mom’s navy blue pants on which we are sleeping. Well, they were navy. MOL! Oh, yeah, and that humongous paw belongs to Giulietta.