In honor of Lou Belcher from  HH and the Boys completing Calista Jo’s portrait for her series 30 Paintings in 30 Days, CJ is being featured this Sunday. She proved to be a little chameleon each time Lou attempted to paint her, but finally Lou, CJ and I are happy with the results, and Calista’s portrait will soon be winging it’s way here to join those of Fiona and Madison.

Calista is exhausted from all Lou’s hard work and so decided she needed to spend today resting. But imagine my surprise when I discovered where she was napping.

Image 5-001

Don’t I have the cutest toes and pink paw pads?

Image 4

Image 7

So here she is napping in Lily Olivia’s antique, wooden, dough bowl, (first posted about in “The Cat Bowl”) which Lily begrudgingly shares with Astrid. Lily was upstairs when CJ snuck into her bowl so does not know of the indiscretion. If Astrid doesn’t get in the bowl and obliterate Calista’s scent prior to Lily taking up residence again, I’m sure their will be some consternation and huffy, hissiness from Lily.

But so far all is well. The only question is whether or not Calista will try this snoozing place again.

P.S. Please don’t forget to visit HH and the Boys today to see Calista’s portrait.