Who doesn’t like breakfast in bed on a Sunday morning? I sure wish the kitties would bring me my breakfast there. It wouldn’t even need to be every weekend.

I must confess, these photos of Fiona were not necessarily taken on a Sunday. Fiona actually has breakfast in bed most mornings. Spoiled…you bet!

When Fiona didn’t come down for breakfast in the mornings, her breakfast would go in the fridge. It would usually just dry out and eventually get thrown away. Even if she did come to breakfast, she often didn’t eat. She would either ‘bury” her bowl or one of the others would nose her out of it. It finally became easier to take her food to her and let her eat it or not. When she does turn up her nose at it, the food is discovered eventually and eaten by one of the other seven. But she gets to make the decision to eat or not to eat without the threat of her food being stollen away.

Hope somebody serves you breakfast in bed this morning whether you are a human or a cat. But you will need to excuse me now, it’s time for Fiona’s breakfast.