Gift Guide


The Tabbies Visit Santa for Gift Suggestions

Periwinkle didn’t even have a moment to catch her breath when she arrived at Stinky’s house. He immediately took her paw and lead her back into the teleportation tunnel.

Before taking off, Periwinkle asked Stinky where they were going. He just winked and whispered in her ear, “It’s a surprise!”

Shortly after that whisper, the tabbies arrived at their destination. Upon leaving the tunnel, they were surround by snow in all directions.



Looking around, Periwinkle could not believe her eyes. “Wow,” she proclaimed, and asked, “Where are we? Did we come to make snow angels?”

“That’s not why we came,” replied Stinky, “but we can do that before we head home.”

Stinky took Periwinkle’s paw again and began to lead her away from the tunnel. After a very short walk they arrived at their destination. Stinky knocked on a bright red door. Almost immediately it opened.

Periwinkle squealed when she saw the inhabitant, “Oh my cat, you’re Santa Claws!”



Through laughter, he invited the tabbies inside.

“Santa, did we come to help you make toys, feed the reindeer or help Mrs. Claws bake cookies?” asked Periwinkle.“All those things would be fun and if you have time, you can do those things later, “ replied Santa.

Stinky then told Periwinkle the reason for their or visit, “Santa is going to share with us some unique gift suggestions for both humans and kitties that we can share with our readers.”

“Why don’t you two have sit down, and I will have Mrs. Claws bring you some cookies and hot cocoa while I tell you about the gifts,” said Santa.

“First up is photo jewelry for your human. Can you imagine how excited your mom or dad would be to have an excellent replica of you to wear. These necklaces can be ordered in titanium or sterling silver. Here’s the web-site where you can order:

“For the kitties, check out the Cat’s Rotating Globe. It offers silvervine and nip on demand. This item comes in a variety of colors and is currently on sale. You can find this unique gift at

“I know you both have Cat Scouts in your family, and I make oodles of products for them. You can find mugs, handbags, shoes and a variety of other things. And some even have photos of your favorite Cat Scouts, like Mau, Cooper Murphy, Gracie and Raz. You can shop at the Cat Scout Store at”

Angel Scout Sammy Double Wall Plastic Mug

Scout Cooper Murphy Tote

“Santa, my mom has these items and gives them both a ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ rating,” said Stinky.







“You know winter is the purrfect time to read,” continued Santa, “and several of your blogging friends have written great books. I’d like to suggest a couple I really enjoyed, Basil the Bonic Cat, by Catherine Garnell, ( and  Prancie’s Prayer, by Ellen Pilch ( I could suggest a very long list, but recommend you check out the sidebars on your favorite blogs to find other fun reads.”

Santa look a sip of his cocoa and bite of cookie prior to continuing, “If you know anyone with an energetic cat who enjoys the great outdoors, a fun surprise would be the Adventure Cat Kit from Kitty Cat Chronicles. (

“You know these are only a few suggestions. Many of your blogging friends have stores at places like Zazzle and Etsy, and they are a terrific place to search for those one-of-kind gifts that no one will want to regift.”

Stinky piped up and said, “Santa, Zazzle is a great place to design and make personal gifts for our humans or significant others as well. My mom does that all the time.”

“That’s a very good suggestion, Stinky. Do you have any other web-sites where you like to shop?” asked Santa.

“Yes I do,” replied Stinky. “Here’s a list of just a few.”

“Thank you Santa for all these great suggestions and for opening your home and workshop to us. Stinky has to get home to take his medicine, and we want to make some snow angels before we pop into our tunnel. Can we come back again to help make toys and feed the reindeer?” asked Periwinkle.

Santa lifted up Periwinkle and gave her a hug and kiss and told her, “Of course you can, my sweet young lady. You and Stinky are always welcome to visit.”

As the tabbies started back to their tunnel, they turned to see Santa in the door and all three waved a final farewell, and Periwinkle blew Santa a kiss, which he caught. 

After making snow angels, the tabbies popped into their tunnel and headed home.

That night both tired tabbies dreamt of their day and each other.

The End


Please join Stinky & Periwinkle next Tuesday at Friends Furever for this next adventure.