Periwinkle Arrives

Stinky waits impatiently for Periwinkle to arrive. He really needs her help with his planned adventure. Finally he hears the familiar whoosh from the teleportation tunnel, and Periwinkle tumbles out into his arms. Periwinkle throws her paws around Stinky and gets as close to him as she can. “Stinky, it is so cold here. How can you stand it?”

“I stay in the house, silly; though, this isn’t all that cold. Christmas Eve is supposed to have a high of 25 degrees!” Stinky replies. 

“Yikes! I certainly hope we are going somewhere warm today, as I really don’t like the cold,” Periwinkle tells him.

“Don’t worry, we aren’t going anywhere, not even outside,” Stinky replies. He continues, “Since my mom is still sick with COVID and has gotten really behind with getting ready for Christmas, I thought we could spend some time helping her out. But first I thought we could make a Christmas card for all our friends and fans.”

“Those are great ideas, Stinky.”

Christmas Greeting for Our Friends & Fans

“Thanks, I am going to gather some supplies to make our card.” Once Stinky has everything, they start cutting and pasting and coloring their card. When they are done they each sign their names.

“Stinky, I really like this. I sure hope all our friends will as well.”

“I’m sure they will, Periwinkle!”


Christmas Card with two cartoon tabbies in gold frames atop a wreath and framed in red.


“I’m going to get everything we need to wrap the gifts. All the boxes with the a presents are on the dining room table, so we can work there.”

“Would it be okay if I visit with some of your fursibs while you do that?” Periwinkle asks.

“Of course. You’ll find a bunch of them on the bed in Mom and Dad’s room,” Stinky tells her. Periwinkle skips off to join them.


Four cats and a cartoon tabby cat on a human's bed napping in a sunpuddle.


“Wow, what a great place to nap. Lots of room for everybody and a giant sunpuddle. It looks as if none of you want to be disturbed, so I’ll just tiptoe out and Stinky and I can get to work.”

Wrapping Gifts

“Stinky, I am really good at untying bows, shredding wrapping paper and playing in the boxes, but I have never wrapped gifts before now. Don’t you think that without opposable thumbs it’s going to be pretty difficult?”

“I’ve never done this before either, Periwinkle, but I think, if we reverse engineer the process, we can get it done. Even though we don’t have thumbs, I think having four paws each will work to our advantage.”

“I’m willing to give it a try, so let’s get started.”


Two cartoon tabby cats wrapping Christmas gifts with a lit and decorated Christmas tree in the background..


“Stinky, this paper with Angel Mau in a Santa hat sure is cute. It’s nice that you are using it on a gift for my mom. You also are so thoughtful to have gotten something for her.” Stinky blushes at the compliment.

Periwinkle and Stinky work diligently and soon have a pile of presents completed. “How many packages have we wrapped, Stinky? My paws are getting pretty tired?”


Cartoon tabby cat sitting among a pile of wrapped gifts.


“Let me count them.” Stinky proceeds to paw through the gifts counting each one. “We’ve completed wapping 18 gifts, Periwinkle.”

“Wow that’s a bunch. Do you think we could stop for a snack?” asks Periwinkle.

“That’s a great idea, but first let me get the tape out of your furs and off my shoes,” replies Stinky.


Two cartoon tabby cats, with tape in their furs, sitting in front of a stack of wrapped gifts.


“That’s better. Thanks Stinky, it only hurt a little bit when you pulled off the tape.”

“I’m sorry it hurt, Let’s go get that snack, and we’ll both feel better.” Stinky and Periwinkle enjoy some Temptations and Fancy Feast. When finished, Periwinkle asks, “Can I see your tree with all the glass ornaments. You promised you would show me when I was here two weeks ago.”

The Glass Ornament Christmas Tree

Two cartoon tabby cats sitting in front of a nine-foot decorated Christmas tree with glass ornaments.


“Stinky, this is the prettiest tree I have ever seen, and I understand why your mom won’t let you all spend any time in here. Thanks for sharing it with me and our readers. Is there anything else we can do to help your mom? I am pretty tired from all the wrapping”

“I was hoping we could do some baking for her. She usually makes cookies for several of our neighbors. I’m not certain she’ll get to do that this year,” Stinky explains to Periwinkle. “But I don’t think we have time for that today, and I know we are both tired.”

“That would have been fun, but I do agree that I am a bit too tired. And I do know it is time for me to head home,” Periwinkle tells Stinky.

“I wish the time hadn’t passed so quickly, Periwinkle! Thank you for all your help today. I know my mom really appreciates it as do I.”

“I had fun, as I always do when we are together, Stinky, and I am happy we could help your mom.”

Periwinkle and Stinky share lots of paw hugs and whisker kisses and tell each other how much they love one another. Then it is time for Periwinkle’s departure. The two tabbies say their final farewells and wave to each other as Periwinkle enters the teleportation tunnel. And with the usual whoosh, she is gone.

Stinky heads to the sunpuddle in his Mom and Dad’s bedroom for a nap and to dream of his sweet girlfriend.

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