Jamboree Recap

One, two, three…I went to my first Jamboree. Three, four, five…I had a great time, and that’s no jive! Five, six, seven…We went to Camp Sammy Kimmell, and it was heaven. Eight, nine, ten…I absolutely can’t wait to go again.

Mauricio and I had a terrific week at the Cat Scouts Jamboree. We went on a tide pool excursion and a nature walk, had a signaling class and participated in fun activities planned by the various patrols. But the best part of the entire week was the Closing Ceremony on Saturday night. So many surprises, which is what inspired us for yesterday’s Sparks post.


Award winners of various competitions were announced first. Our Wolverines Patrol Leader Gracie won the participation award. She works so hard on all our events and really deserved this honor. The awards for the Wolverines continued. Maggie won a trophy for completing the Knowledge Bowl quiz the fastest and Mau won a trophy for having the highest score (85%) on the Knowledge Bowl quiz. (Mau will share a photo of his trophy when he receives it.) I am proud of my older brother and the Wolverines. The Patrol award for the best average score in the Knowledge Bowl went to the Wolverines as well. Wolverines rock!


The next event on the schedule was promotions. I knew I had met all the requirements to be promoted from Tenderpaw First Class to Bobcat, but no promotion is guaranteed. One of our Wolverine Patrol mates, Ætheling, was called up by Denmaster and received his promotion to Bobcat. Then Teddy (Angel Scout Sammy’s younger brother), Chip and I (the Three Gingersnaps, as we are known) were called up together. That seemed weird and really scary, especially when Denmaster said we were not being promoted to Bobcat. Say what? Not being promoted. After a pause, she told us we were being promoted to Cougars. We skipped an entire rank. That was the most amazing surprise ever! My head is still in the clouds.


Cat Scout Jamboree promotions

The Gingersnap Scouts

Transfer of Leadership

The final ceremony of the night was difficult for all Scouts, especially Mauricio. Angel Sammy Kimmell stepped down as Leader of the Worldwide Wildcats Troop (aka Troop 1) and passed that position on to Mau. Sammy was and still is Mau’s best friend and was the Best Man when Mau and Allie were married. Sammy has been the only Leader of Wildcats, and Mau has been his assistant. Though Angel Scout Sammy has promised to continue to visit Scouts, everyone was super sad to find out he was stepping down.

I know Mau will work hard as the new Leader of Wildcats. He knows, however, he can never and doesn’t want to take Sammy’s place and will be unable to fill his paw prints. Sammy was one of a kind! We love you our special, angel friend.

That’s all the big news from the Cat Scout Jamboree. I know this is not of interest to all our readers, but at the same time maybe it will inspire others of you to consider joining Cat Scouts. If interested click on the link in the previous sentence. You won’t regret it. It is great fun!

Purrs and paw-pats, Cougar Cat Scout Cooper Murphy

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