If you follow this blog, you know that all our kitties have collars and name tags. You also know that I have trouble with a couple of the kids “getting naked.” Fiona is the worst. Currently, two collars are lost inside the house. I bought her another one today with the hope that the new and tighter clasp won’t allow her to take it off and hide it every other day.

Calista with her new collar and bell.

And Calista got her first collar. The only kitten-sized collars were in camo which I didn’t think appropriate for our little girl. Tom said that her fur is like camo so it would have worked, but I must disagree. So she has a puppy collar. It’s a lovely feminine pink with yellow, purple, green and red flowers. I added a small, red cloisonne bell. Canine collars do not come with bells.

Of course, she doesn’t like it and has gone through many gyrations trying to remove it. She worked so hard that now she’s crashed in my lap…such a nice, little, warm patch of purring furriness on a cool day!

She also had a taste of the wide-open spaces today. With all the other pusses outside, I opened the kitchen door leading to the foyer and the rest of the house so she could explore. She ventured out a little but the kitchen is her comfort zone and that’s where I was hanging out, so she stayed close to me.

Later, when I left the kitchen, she decided it would be okay to explore a small amount. She quickly zeroed in on the larger of our two kitty climbing trees (where she later had a nap on the top tier) and the basket of cat toys next to it. Finally she followed me upstairs and checked out every corner in every room while Lisbeth sat in the bedroom doorway and hissed at her. Of all the kitties, she’s the most disturbed by our little interloper.

After her dinner and my dinner, she again crashed in my lap while Fiona played crazily with a favored toy and tried to get Callie Jo’s attention. To no avail…she was tuckered out!